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Shree Shree Gourgobind Girls’ College principal puts the record straight


Dr K Jaboshakhi Devi said the so-called governing body led by Ahanthem Irabot is not approved by concerned authority and has no right to interfere in college affairs.

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Shree Shree Gourgobind Girls’ College (SSGGC) principal Dr K Jaboshakhi Devi has put the record straight regarding allegations by “so-called” governing body of the college. In a statement, the principal said the ARCS of the cooperative society had constituted a nine-member managing committee on January 15, 2021 for formation of a new GB within six months to initiate the development projects in the college.

However, self-styled president Ahenthem Irabot Meitei had submitted a list of members for the new GB to the concerned office without taking into confidence the founder members and doner nominee. When the matter came to her knowledge, she herself approached the concerned authority on December 30, 2021 not to give approval to the new committee, said the principal. Following her objection with relevant documents, the new GB remained unapproved till today, she added.

The principal maintained that the managing committee ceased to exist as six-month time given for the formation of new GB had elapsed. It has no authority to interfere in college affairs, she added.

Jaboshakhi informed that Teachers’ Association, Doner Nominee and Founder Members No 14 and 32 had submitted letters to concerned authority on April 5, 2022, April 7, 2022 and April 8, 2022, respectively spelling out their position on the issue.

“Irabot, who claimed himself to be president of GB, and his coteries had on June 6, 2022 declared in local tv channels and newspapers that I have been removed from the post of principal by raising various unrelated and unsubstantiated allegations against me,” she said.

On the allegation of misappropriation of UGC and B. VOC funds by her, she clarified that no such fund has been received so far. She rejected the demand for an account statement and profile saying that self-claimed GB does not have any authority to interfere in college’s affairs.

The principal further said after self-claimed governing bodies have hampered progress and academic activities, Eastern Popular Club vice-president Bon Khurai had on June 6, 2022 spelt out its stand against such governing bodies by addressing a press meet on the campus of the SSGGC and debarred them from entering the campus.

She urged governing bodies which are not approved by concerned authority not to interfere in the college’s affairs or issue any press statement.

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