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ZUF issues rejoinder to NSCN (Niki Sumi)’s statement on territorial jurisdiction

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The Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) has reacted to the statement issued by NSCN (Niki Sumi) on March 31 and published on April 1 with regard to territorial jurisdiction of the Nagas.

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In a release, ZUF said that it was clarifying on the “stated confused notion” which that the potential to mislead the general public. Emphasizing on “a rightful understanding of one’s own right than of defensive confrontation”, ZUF said that that fact is there has been “a practice of dividing the land of the Nagas by the Nagas of Nagaland. The creation of Nagaland by the Nagas itself is one and the term used, “the Nagas of Nagaland” by some Nagas of Nagaland and even by NNPGs of Nagaland is sufficient answer” to prove that, the accusation labelled against ZUF is “self-contradictory and is therefore thrown back to the group”.

ZUF said NNPGs or UG factions in Nagaland are practising divisional regions and jurisdiction of operation of activities for the purpose of collection of taxes and extortion with strict vigilance on infiltrators of the other UG groups in their respective regions.

It asked, “What then is there for NSCN (Niki Sumi) group to question ZUF, for exercising their own right over their land and people? Is it not a blind or blatant attempt to suppress the Zeliangrong people? Regretted that the NSCN (Niki Sumi) should not have published their statement in the media”.

“The discriminative classifying of the Nagas of Nagaland from Nagas of other states by some Nagas of Nagaland simply reflects the default and below standard politics of the Nagas in the face of India and the world. Is this not the biggest example of “divide and rule” policy used and applied among the Nagas by the Nagas? Is Nagas having many factions not the sign and example of Divide and rule policy used or practiced by the Nagas against the fellow Nagas? Where did all these started and who is responsible or exemplar? The NSCN (Niki Sumi) blames or pinpointing ZUF to “have started to Divide the Nagas’ Lands with jurisdictional divisions … along the same lines using ‘jurisdiction’ and infiltration’ reeks of Indian policy of divide and rule” as stated is self-contradictory and wrongly pinpointed”, said ZUF.

The ZUF release said that all the points and reasons elaborated in the said article are ostensibly an attempt to justify themselves of the malicious attitude and actions practiced and being played towards not only to the Zeliangrong Nagas but also the whole Naga people. It is right for ZUF or any responsible person or government to question or oppose any Naga faction/group or any non-Naga party or unscrupulous persons exploiting or extorting the wealth of the people. The people will naturally oppose any group/persons attempting to extend and apply their policy or supremacy in any Naga or other areas in the pretext and name of Naga National movement without the concerned authority and people of that part of the land.

The ZUF in its press statement, informed the NSCN (Niki Sumi) group to take care of their “cadres who were going about extorting and kidnapping workers, leaders of companies along the Highways and Railways for ransom money without a regard shown to the concerned Villages, areas authorities and the concerned people Front. What if NSCN (Niki Sumi) were in the position of ZUF? The term, “common Nagas’ land and Naga struggle” used by NSCN (Niki Sumi) does not mean that every “tom and jerry (tom dick n harry)” can go about corrupting the wealth of the people in the name or pretext of the Naga National Movement in all the Naga inhabited areas or land. The Zeliangrong people too as a Naga people having common Nagas’ aspiration have been no lesser contributor to the Naga National movement and cause since its inception and is all out for inclusive and early settlement of the long-delayed Nagas’ issues”.

The ZUF however said that the “Zeliangrong people too have a simultaneous movement of their own, alongside the Nagas’ struggle since colonial period to the time of flourishing NNC and to this day under socialist pattern and system of Naga Government. What logic or rhyme is there then for NSCN (Niki Sumi) group to point its finger to the fellow Nagas; the Zeliangrong people represented by ZUF? Accusing that, “ZUF was “challenging the wishes and aspiration of the Naga people” and pointed out that ZUF’s approach to Naga people’s aspiration is “subtly inclined towards the divisive policy of the adversaries that have created artificial boundary demarcation which geographically and physically divide our people; adamantly making attempts to disintegrate our people and lands” as stated is provocative and resented. Know this one fact clear, that the ZUF is the legacy holder and torch bearer of the decades old movement of Jadonang’s “Naga Resistance” and of historic struggle of Zeliangrong People Convention (ZPC)”.

The ZUF said that it never opposes or schemes against the Naga people’s aspiration at any point of time or manner, rather supported the common Nagas’s political talk for early, inclusive and acceptable solution and settlement. It is only a fear-psychosis or apprehensive assumption of some antagonistic Naga politicians or UG groups, wrongly speculating or viewing the ZUF’s demand as contradicting the Naga issues. The straight message of ZUF is that, the demand for Zeliangrong Homeland remains as an infallible historical fortitude under all circumstances. That the Nagas’ anticipation for solution in settlement with India delays to be resolved or conformed to the Union of India, the ZUF and its legitimate demand shall neither succumb nor surrender its movement to the present Nagas’ approach.

Further affirm that, the Zeliangrong peoples’ political assertion for securing their homeland be it under union of India or aftermath Nagas’ settlement shall be determined. The NSCN (Niki Sumi) group imploring all section of Naga society to ponder on “the ZUF’s Jurisdictional view of the Nagas” as stated in the print media is pointless and needless but only provoking more of further reckless division among the Nagas. It is an age-old traditional practice of the Nagas to defend and uphold their village and areas’ jurisdiction. The essence of Nagas’ right over their land is based and founded on the rights of protecting the jurisdiction of the land of the Nagas.

Therefore, ZUF “succinctly clarifies and reasserts that, every Naga have the right and responsibility to defend and protect their inhabited land. That no unscrupulous or self-claimed national worker/s shall be allowed to go free and unchecked in all Zeliangrong Inhabited areas. Hence the ZUF press statement was intentionally published to inform and sensitize the Naga people in general to value and uphold the rights of protecting every respective Naga inhabited land which is the core foundational basis of the Nagas’ politics and struggle+, said the release.

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