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Tangkhul CSOs Stage Sit-In Protests Against Forceful Occupation By AR


Tangkhul civil society organisations staged peaceful sit-in protests across 9 Tangkhul villages against what they termed as “forceful occupation of land by Assam Rifles”. A mega peace rally will also be held on September 15, 2022 at Ukhrul Headquarters.

TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

Tangkhul civil society organisations on Monday staged peaceful sit-in protests across 9 Tangkhul villages simultaneously against the alleged forceful occupation of land by Assam Rifles.

A press release signed by Convenor, SA. Ramnganing and Member Secretary, Ngalayo Makan of Rally Organising Committee stated that “After a series of deliberations on the forceful occupation of our land by the Assam Rifles (AR), the Tangkhul CSOs have come to a decision to organise a peaceful Sit-in Protest across 9 Tangkhul villages simultaneously on the 12th of September where the Assam Rifles have forcefully occupied the land, namely at: Khamasom, Chatric, Mapum, Poi, Tusom CV, Lamlang, Kasom Kl, Ramphoi, and Kangpat Kl.

“This will then be followed by a Mega Peace Rally in Ukhrul HQ on September 15, 2022. Under the guise of AFSPA, the Indian Armed Forces (i.e., the Assam Rifles) have laid siege of our land by setting up their camps at (now) a total of nine villages since 1958”, said the press note.

The committee said, “It is questionable on the intent of the Indian Government and State Government when AFSPA was removed from the Imphal Valley on the 31st of March 2022 while three (03) new AR Camps were set up in Tangkhul region on the 2nd of June 2022 instead of revoking AFSPA in the hill regions of the state as well. The Tangkhul CSOs, therefore, strongly condemn this mistreatment and the continuous military atrocities we are exposed to. We demand the immediate repeal of AFSPA and thereby, dismantling of the (said) camps set up in the Tangkhul region.”

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