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2nd Anniversary of TFM: Contemplation, reflection and action


Dear readers and friends,

On August 14 midnight, 2020, The Frontier Manipur (TFM) embarked on a journey amidst what we perceived as the ‘crisis of credibility’ of the so called prominent news media houses in Manipur.  Issues we thought were of utmost importance to the citizens of Manipur were side-lined not only by the popular media houses but also the so called informed elites owing to lack of adequate information or the sheer timidity to speak up on matters of public interests.

There was a palpable decline in formidable content, reliability and authenticity besides sheer shallowness in coverage of serious issues like illegal drug trade, systematic violation of executive powers by elected representatives, mushrooming ponzi-schemes/scams/frauds and elementary responsibility of the state administration to deliver justice.

Despite the daunting tasks ahead, TFM went ahead with the core belief that few authentic and exclusive news stories were enough to arouse the consciousness of the masses. The task shouldered by TFM may have at least contributed to expanding the perspectives of the people. And we are extremely glad to inform you that The Frontier Manipur (TFM) is two year ‘young’ now.

We express our deep gratitude to all our well-wishers and supporters who had stood by us in our humble effort to bring news and views to the public while not compromising with the set objectives and values of the online news portal.

As stated exactly two year ago, we still hold on to our resolve to raise social, political, economic, and relevant issues in Manipur, its neighbouring states, and beyond with well researched and investigative articles, comprehensive reportage, and coverage in our online platforms.

TFM will strive to identify common issues that have become stumbling blocks along people’s path to collective development. And we firmly believe in journalism of courage and amplification of voices from the margins. 

With deep respect and regards from TFM Team

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