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Parliamentary Election 2024 Manipur: Good, Bad and Ugly takeaways

Angomcha Bimol Akoijam and Alfred Kanngam S. Arthur

As for the winning candidates, the Manipur flavoured confetti might have settled by now, but there is still a lesson to be learned. It is time to rethink what democracy really means and put an end to the shady tactics of buying votes and flexing muscles.

By Sagolsenba Khaba

Well, mark your calendars, folks! June 4, 2024, a day that will go down in Manipur’s history books for reasons more shocking than a spy-thriller plot twist. Brace yourselves as the election results hit harder than the famous locally brewed hard-liquor after an all-nighter. The ruling big shots in both New Delhi and Imphal must have felt like they got sucker-punched by reality. Turns out, the folks at the voting booths were not buying into the fear and intimidation tactics peddled by the powers that be.

Let us break it down: the Indian National Congress (INC) swooped in and snatched both Parliamentary seats in Manipur, leaving the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its buddy, the Naga People’s Front (NPF), scratching their heads in disbelief. Talk about a plot twist! Take, for instance, Angomcha Bimol Akoijam, who went from trailing behind to snagging the Inner Manipur Lok Sabha seat right out from under the nose of BJP’s Education Minister Thounaojam Basanta Kumar Singh. A margin of 109,801 votes? Now, that’s what I call a power move. Akoijam basically waltzed away with 374,017 votes, leaving the competition eating dust and he set the record straight.


And let us not forget Alfred Kanngam S. Arthur, the INC candidate who cruised to victory in the Outer Manipur seat, leaving the NPF nominee in the dust with a lead of 85,418 votes.


So, what is the moral of this electoral saga? Well, it’s not just about Congress vs. BJP drama or who is up and who’s down in the power game. Or even if the Manipur results will have a definitive impact on Delhi Durbar. It is a wake-up call to those who have been sitting pretty on their thrones for too long, ignoring the voices of the masses. Manipur spoke up, loud and clear, against the mishandling of the chaos that’s been brewing for ages and the indifference of the big shots in New Delhi towards Manipur since May 3, 2023.


Sure, the impact might not send shockwaves through the national scene, but it is a reminder that both New Delhi and the Manipur honchos should take seriously.


The 10-Takeaways:

1. Historic Day in Manipur: June 4, 2024, marked a historic Parliamentary election record.

2. Shockwaves: The outcome of the Lok Sabha seats sent shockwaves through the ruling establishments in both New Delhi and Imphal.

3. Electorate Power Unleashed: The results showcased the formidable power of the electorate, cutting through years of fear and intimidation.

4. INC Victory: Indian National Congress (INC) candidates secured both Inner and Outer Parliamentary seats, displacing the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its ally, the Naga People’s Front (NPF).

5. Impressive Victory Margins: Despite initial setbacks, INC’s Angomcha Bimol Akoijam clinched the Inner Manipur seat with a whopping margin of 109,801 votes, while Alfred Kanngam S. Arthur secured the Outer Manipur seat with a comfortable margin of 85,418 votes.

6. Common People’s Triumph: The ruling coalition in Manipur was outsmarted by the sheer power of the common people, signaling a triumph over years of silence and manipulation.

7. Message to New Delhi: The electoral verdict served as a wake-up call to both New Delhi and Manipur’s leadership, highlighting the repercussions of neglecting public sentiment.

8. Alliance Nominees: Akoijam and Arthur, nominees of a 10-party alliance, emerged victorious. Arthur, from the Tangkhul-Naga community, and Akoijam, aged 57, from the Meitei community, brought diverse representation.

9. Competitive Contests: Six candidates contested for the Inner Manipur seat, while four vied for the Outer Manipur seat, reflecting the diverse demographics of the constituency.

10. Lessons on Democratic Values: While celebrations may have simmered down, there’s a pressing need to reflect on the democratic process, marred by issues like money and muscle power.


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