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Zou Women Human Rights Organisation launched at Zou political convention

Zou Women Human Rights Organisation members
ZOWHRO seeks to strengthen and empower  women’s rights across the Zou community.
TFM Churachandpur Representative
With a view to developing and strengthening the bond of unity among the Zou community,  United Zou Organization (UZO), an apex body of the Zou tribe, held a political convention at T Daijang village, Churachandpur on Monday.
A frontal organisation for women called Zou Women Human Rights Organisation (ZOWHRO) was also launched in the convention to strengthen and empower  women’s rights across the Zou community.
Thanking the UZO block and unit members, Zou chiefs and members from Zou Youth Organization (ZYO), Zou Sangnaupang Pawlpi (ZSP), Zou Artistes Union (ZAU) pastors and other dignitaries for their participation, president of UZO Chinlunthang stated that UZO will move on although some individuals with vested interest continue to attempt to hinder its path.
He also encouraged the newly formed leaders of ZOWHRO to serve the interest of the people with truth and dignity.
The UZO members from different blocks and units unanimously validated and declared support to Chinlunthang’s candidature in the coming 2022 MLA election from 60/Singhat AC.
Pastor Khup Do Khen and the church elders present in the event prayed for his (Chinlunthang)  blessings and victory in securing the people’s mandate in the forthcoming MLA Election. Public attending the convention extended full support to his candidature and further expressed their hope that he emerges victorious in this collective endeavour of the people.
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