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Kuki armed miscreants run amok in Churachandpur


They attacked the houses of Singngat MLA Chinlunthang and his family in Zenhang Lamka and ITLF general secretary Muan Tombing and his family. They also kidnapped and tortured president of the YPA Kanaan Veng & his family. Gun shots were heard close to Vaiphei People’s Council president Henlianthang’s house on Red Cross Road in Churachandpur.

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The Kuki armed miscreants reportedly ran riots in several places in Churachandpur on July 3, 2024 midnight. They attacked the houses of Singngat MLA Chinlunthang and his family in Zenhang Lamka and ITLF general secretary Muan Tombing and his family. They also kidnapped and tortured president of YPA Kanaan Veng & his family.

According to an Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum (ITLF)’s press statement, miscreants with firearms broke into ITLF secretary Muan Tombing’s home at around 8:40 p.m. They kicked doors, dragged his wife across the floor, and snatched her daughter’s phone. Luckily, he wasn’t in the house at the time, yet one can only imagine what the armed miscreants would do to him if he were.

Around the same time, an armed miscreant kidnapped the president of YPA, Kanaan Veng. After extensive interrogation and being severely tortured, he was later freed.

At approximately one in the morning, armed miscreants who were thought to be part of the same group from the incidents opened fire at the residence of Singngat MLA Chinlunthang in Zenhang Lamka. Around the same time, shots were heard close to Henlianthang’s house on Red Cross Road in Lamka, who is the president of the Vaiphei People’s Council (VPC).

ITLF statement said the armed miscreant’s actions disrupt the tranquillity of the town and cause panic and terror in the minds of the populace. It is evident that the armed miscreants and those who back them do not desire peace in the community. It is clear that they wish to sabotage our unity in the face of our common enemy, it added.

Meanwhile, ITLF Presidential Council strongly condemned “heinous crime against their leaders in the highest possible terms”. “Considering that our leaders have been through many of these horrible incidents in the past, we will be compelled to take retaliation if the perpetrators don’t stop,“ it added.

The President council also urged law enforcement agencies such as the Assam Rifles and the Police to take action and take necessary precautions on account of the armed miscreants’ continual harassment of the residents of the town.

ITLF Presidential Council consist of the United Zou Organisation (UZO), Vaiphei People’s Council (VPC) Hmar Inpui (HIL Mizo People’s Convention (MPC), Kuki Inpi Churachandpur (KIC), Paite Tribe Council (PTC) Simte Tribe Council (STC), Gangte Tribe Union (GTU) and Mate Tribe Union (MTU)

The Zo United, a conglomerate of Kuki Zo tribes also condemned “life-threatening acts of armed miscreants”.  A statement issued by the organisation said it is regrettable to mention that despite repeated appeals made to the public to avoid ignition against our unity, such unwanted action occurred again. This is shameful, unfortunate, and worrying.

It further said that Zo United stands with MLA Chinlunthang & his family, ITLF General Secretary Muan Tombing & his family and President of YPA, Kanaan Veng & his family at this challenging time. It prayed for emotional and physical healing, added the statement.

The Zo United appealed to all Kuki Zo communities “to maintain our commitment to the common cause and continue to stand together with the same spirit of oneness ‘One for All & All for one’.

“May God give us a revived new heart and new mind to assure that, such unwanted motive is only escalating worthless movement that divides brethren of one blood and one identity. We also appeal to the public to kindly put the matter to the concern for a peaceful dialogue in case of any arising issues that may concern individuals/group,”  said the statement.

The Zo United also appealed to the Central Armed Forces, Police, and those who are in authority to identify the miscreants and take appropriate precautionary measures to avoid continual harassment in Lamka town and the surroundings.


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