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TKS felicitates achievers in various fields

TKS felicitating one of the achievers

A total of 33 students from 10th standard and in the 12th standard, 32 students from arts stream, 24 students from science stream, 2 students from commerce stream and top achiever from various other fields were facilitated.

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Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS), the apex students’ body of Tangkhul community, facilitated students of 10th and 12th standard (batch of 2021) and top achievers in various other fields belonging to the Tangkhul community at Town Hall, Ukhrul on Friday.

A total of 33 students from 10th standard and in the 12th standard, 32 students from arts stream, 24 students from science stream, 2 students from commerce stream and top achiever from various other fields were facilitated.

Pamnung Zimik and Soyawon Shirak Pheirei were awarded with the top achiever of 10th standard. In the 12th standard, from Arts stream, the top award recipients are Kumyari Kaiwungnao and Elinah Phebe Awungshi. In the science stream, Ngachanrin Kapai and Pretty Phila Athari were the top achievers and in the Commerce stream, the top achievers were awarded to Somilan RS and Sonim Ramshan.

The achiever awards in various fields were given  to Dr Pheomishan Zimik for being the first orthopedic surgeon in Tangkhul community, Dr Ramwungzan Phinao for being the first doctorate in mathematics,  Machonphi Zingkhai for being the youngest Chartered Accountant in Tangkhul community, Ningmareo L Shimray for being the only teacher from Manipur to be selected for National Award 2021, Nganaomi Khangrah and Mirinsing Angkang for clearing UPSC Combined Geo-Scientist Examination 2021 and Sorinthan Haorei for empowering adult education in the community.

Attending the occasion, Deputy Commissioner of Ukhrul, Joseph Pauline Kamsom stated that “those students who have taken extra hours and labour to sit down and concentrate and come out with better results need to be recognised and deserved to be facilitated and to be motivated for their future endeavours.” He implored the students to stay focused in order to reach their goal.

“We tend to be good in the beginning but end up losing in the end. Education without moral values can be destructive. Good education can empower us and ensure our society to a greater height. We are tempted to earn fast money, a momentary satisfaction it might give but in the process it destroys the ultimate goal. We must dare to dream which is achievable. Very often we become complacent and the final result is a broken family and broken society. Let us take full advantage of the privilege at hand and not waste our time.”

He continued “to be successful in a competitive exam, one needs to put extra effort in his or her studies. With iron determination one can only compete with the rest in competitive examinations. While at the learning stage, it is also time to build your character. My father is a farmer but he gave the correct moral support to make me try harder. Parents’ role is also very important in achieving the goal. Keep striving, don’t lose hope, believe in yourself and you can be an achiever. Use your potential to the fullest. Read good books and keep good company with faith in God you can do it. This is just a start, the real felicitation will be the day when you achieve your goal.” Jospeh Pauline Kamson lauded TKS for organising such a programme.

President of TKS Shimri Raising stated “it is indeed a great privilege and proud moment for all of us to witness so many performers and achievers in our community. You have proven yourselves that our community can achieve and perform. We believe that you will perform more and achieve more even in the days to come.”

The top achievers were given citation and a cash award of Rs 5,000 each and the performers with excellent academic results were given citation and cash award of Rs 1,000 each.

The felicitation programme was attended by Additional SP of Ukhrul, Ringthing Hongchui, DFO Ukhrul, Shanngam Shaliwo, President of TSL, Veronica Zingkhai and President of TMNL, Somatai Machinao. President and colleagues of Raphei Katamnao Long, Zingsho Katamnao Long, Zingtun Katamnao Long, Aze Katamnao Long, SANSA, principals and teachers of various schools and parents of the students attended the programne. Young and upcoming Tangkhul artist, C. Reyamee enthralled the gathering with his original numbers.

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