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Solumi school controversy still haunts educational system in Nagaland

The Rs 58, 12,000 government high school at Solumi, Kiphire, Nagaland. PHOTO SOURCE: RPP

RPP said the DEO should also clarify as to whether or not the DPR for construction of GHS Solumi was strictly followed, with the proposed facilities

By Imna Longchar, TFM Nagaland Correspondent

Asking the District Education Officer (DEO), Kiphire, that whether or not the infrastructure of the Government High School at Solumi, was “running smoothly” as stated by the head of the district since the year 2019, the Rising People’s Party (RPP), Nagaland, has once again questioned the department concerned with regard to the educational system in the state despite pumping in huge amounts in terms of crores.

The RPP through a press statement was not only questioning about the poor performances of the many government schools in the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) examinations in the state though many of the students had left their “mark” by placing themselves in the rankings with distinction in many subjects, but felt it necessity to highlight about it for further public consumption (s) with regard to the GHS Solumi controversy.

According to RPP, the official DPR notification for the construction of the said GHS Solumi was issued in the year 2013 and the school having being completed in November 2019 only after several years as stated by the DEO Kiphire which a photo of the school was highlighted in different print and electronic including the social media as according to RMSA guidelines, the school should have been completed within a year (12 months).

“The one-time rejoinder of the DEO Kiphire, SMDC Solumi, and the Solumi Village Council was enough since these authorities had presented the factual position but for some inexplicable reasons the issue keeps re-surfacing with subtle hints of political hand behind the press releases,” stated the RPP press statement.

Challenging that if the DoSE, DEO Kiphire, and SMDC Solumi, think that they could “shoulder-fire” the RPP through some “third parties”, the RPP said they are “welcomed” provided these authorities also remember that their output has been horrible as the HSLC results of the past 10 years. According to RPP release, the HSLC result of GHS Solumi since 2013 as per NBSE website:

• 2013: 0% pass
• 2014: 0%pass
• 2015: Nil HSLC students
• 2016: Nil HSLC students
• 2017: Nil HSLC students
• 2018: Nil HSLC students
• 2019: 20%pass
• 2020: 0%pass
• 2021: 13% (COVID Protocol examination phase)pass
• 2022: 0% pass

Meanwhile, RPP said the DEO should also clarify as to whether or not the DPR for construction of GHS Solumi was strictly followed, with facilities such as headmaster’s room, staff room, Library, computer room, science laboratory, art/craft/culture room, proper water supply, “Dyna” roofing, steel roof trussing, furniture, firefighting equipment, green board, laboratory equipments, etc. and whether implemented.

RPP further urged DEO Kiphire, SMDC Solumi, and the DoSE to reply back at the earliest for the benefit
of the Naga public. It may be mentioned that the RPP has categorically admitted errors on its earlier press release flashed
in many local dailies and beyond on June 24 with regard to the facts and figures (table/chart) and
which was also rectified. The rectified amount sanctioned included Rs 25,69,46, 000/- calculated at the rate of Rs. 58,12,000/- sanctioned for each schools for the 45 schools in five districts in Nagaland under RMSA instead of Rs
14, 14,83,337.86.

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