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Manipur riddled with many ‘unnatural phenomena’: KYKL chairman Oken

FILE PHOTO of KYKL army day

Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup observed the 18th raising day of the armed wing of KYKL, Meeyamgi Yawol Lanmee (MYL), observed as “Army Day”. 

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Supremo of the proscribed outfit Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup N Oken cautioned that the society of Manipur is now riddled with many unnatural phenomena. It is a society crumbling in every sphere — economy, politics, social structure, even moral behaviors, he added.

Oken made the remark during his speech on the occasion of the 18th raising day of the armed wing of KYKL, Meeyamgi Yawol Lanmee (MYL), observed as “Army Day”, as per a release by the armed outfit.

The day was observed on Wednesday by KYKL throughout Kangleipak and beyond, including GHQ-1st Bn., CHQ, 2nd Bn., 3rd Bn., units, and sections. The main function was held at CHQ under the chairmanship of N. Oken, supreme commander, MYL, KYKL.

The observation was attended by many prominent and important members of the armed wing as well as the Central Committee. With the hoisting of the party flag by the supreme commander, the function began. As part of the occasion, the supreme commander spoke categorically about the challenges the “national liberation movement” faces. He also stated that the “revolutionary movement we are launching now is related to the question of our continued existence as a people, which is why this is a crucial movement that we cannot abandon or run away from”.

The KYKL supremo further said that there are significant questions to be answered regarding why societies crumble and what the way out is. “Giving a definitive answer to the question is the epochal task of revolutionary leaders and today’s youth. If we dig a little deeper, we can find that our society has been caught in the trap holes of Indian colonial economy, politics, and culture. Because the Indian colonial economy devastated Kanglei’s economic backbone and all productive forces, we have become entirely reliant on Indian handouts.”

“We have come to believe that we couldn’t exist without the Indians. As a result of the Indian Hinduization process, our social and cultural identities have been gradually diluted. For the Indian policy of wiping out the indigenous people from the earth, they have used both repressive state apparatus, which is a hard tool, and ideological state apparatus, which is a bit softer and yet equally powerful. As a result of all these machinations, we have today become a bunch of people who have disintegrated in all spheres. This fact implies that if we continue to exist under Indian colonialism, our nation is on the path to extinction. We shall never be able to steer our society down the correct historical path under Indian colonialism, said N Oken”.

The KYKL chief further stated that “Indian colonialism’s principal objective is to uproot indigenous people from their land and replace them with Hindus from mainland India. It is self-evident that if we continue to be a part of India under its colonial rule, we will cease to exist as a people. The other reality implicit in this situation is that the freedom struggle we are currently waging against India is correct. Clearly, this is the only way to ensure that we can protect our nation and people”.

“Today, on the occasion of the 18th Army Day, I would like to appeal to all revolutionary organizations and cadres to take an oath to transform ourselves into true revolutionary armies, equipped with revolutionary principles and revolutionary consciousness, capable of confronting and overcoming the current challenges,” he said.

The release further stated that in the course of the “national liberation movement” launched by Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup to free Kangleipak from the colonial rule of India, February 26 is an important day. On February 16, 2005, the “valiant liberation fighters” of MYL launched an attack on a patrol party of the 10th Assam Rifles, where five Assam rifles personnel were killed following KYKL’s establishment of its armed wing, Meeyamgi Yawol Lanmee (MYL).

Following MYL’s establishment, this was the first significant attack against the Indian occupation forces. To commemorate this event, the central committee of KYKL had declared it “Lanmee gi Numit”. Since then, February 16th has been marked as “Army Day.”

Many prominent Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup’s central committee members and important persons from MYL’s armed wing spoke after the supreme commander finished his address. They all stressed the significance of continuing the fight with a new strategy and energy. They also all expressed the need to make the armed wing more disciplined and dedicated, added the release.

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