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Manipur Emergency Support Group urges public to donate, support local hospitals, health centres


The Manipur Emergency support group, comprising of natives of Manipur residing abroad and in the state was formed in April 2021. 

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Manipur Emergency Support Group has urged the public of the state to donate and support local hospitals and health centres. This vital support would help the healthcare staff look after the patients and complete the much-needed mass vaccination to control the current COVID-19 pandemic, save many lives and keep families together, the group said.

The Manipur Emergency support group, which comprises natives hailing from Manipur and others residing abroad and in the state was formed in April 2021. The contributors reflect the diverse ethnicity of Manipur and include individuals residing in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, UAE, Netherlands, Finland, USA, Australia and Manipur. The group has also been supported by many British people including NHS healthcare staff, stated Dr Elangbam Bishwajeet, consultant in Emergency Medicine, Birmingham in a statement on behalf of the group. 

The group of 70 contributors said it has been trying to be of some support to many hospitals of the state including the two tertiary hospitals with the available funds which are contributed from time to time.

Items worth Rs 24 lakhs have been donated to date which included — Oxygen Masks (simple, high flow and Venturi Mask), Oxygen Concentrators, Intravenous treatments (cannula, IV set, IV fluids), Dexamethasone injections, face mask (N95 and Surgical Mask), hand gloves, alcohol gel, and Sodium Hypochlorite solutions. 

The group said its aim is to support hospitals of the state with essential life-saving medications so that healthcare staff could initiate treatment without delay. The group also showed gratitude to all who have made this humble effort a huge success especially Rajendra Kumar Jain who has facilitated in procuring the medical items.

London-based Indians-In-UK group have also contributed Oxygen concentrators to JNIMS as part of their donation of Oxygen Concentrators across India, it added.

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