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Local club urges Manipur government to open COVID care centre in Thangmeiband

Thangmeiband United Club president Pratap Leishangthem

Thangmeiband United Club president Pratap Leishangthem said that fear of spreading deadly coronavirus looms large among people if infected people are kept under home isolation

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Thangmeiband United Club (TUC) on Wednesday urged the Manipur government to set up a COVID care centre in Thangmeiband considering the rising number of cases in the area and the people are facing problems in trying to shift serious cases to the hospitals.

Speaking to media persons at Ima Khunthokhanbi Shanglen, TUC president Pratap Leishangthem said that serious cases from Thangmeiband area used to be referred to the hospitals with the help of local MLA, medical officer and doctors in the area. But now the medical officer cannot be reached over the phone and the doctors are also unable to take the initiative. Fear of deaths loomed large among the serious patients, he added.

Pratap also assured that TUC will help the government in whatever way possible to set up the COVID care centre. He also urged the government to provide a responsible person who can be contacted when a serious patient needs to be referred to a hospital.

He also said that the people are fearful that the deadly virus might spread further by keeping some patients in home isolation. COVID care centres should be set up in other places, not just Thangmeiband, he added.

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