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End siding with Kuki militants in Manipur to bring peace, DMCC tells stakeholders

DMCC members during the press conference

DMCC claims that Meeteis have been consistently attacked by Kuki militants in the last one year in Manipur and asked why the Central Government agencies were selectively targeting Meeteis and blaming them for the conflict witnessed in Manipur since May 3, 2023?

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Delhi Meetei Coordinating Committee (DMCC) called on all those responsible to stop “siding with Kuki militants in Manipur so as to bring peace, normalcy and peaceful coexistence in Manipur. ” The DMCC made this clear during a press conference held at Press Club of India, Delhi on May 28.

According to DMCC, the Press Conference exposed how “Meeteis have been consistently attacked by Kuki militants in the last one year in Manipur” and asked why the Central Government agencies were selectively targeting “Meeteis and were trying to blame them?”
During the conference, Sujata, Convenor, Imagi Meira (women’s organisation) based in Manipur), Dr Bobo, Physician, Spokesperson, (DMCC), Hijam Rajen, Advisor, (DMCC) and Dr Seram Rojesh, Convenor, DMCC addressd the media.

Dr Bobo appealed to the Government of India to restore peace, rule of law, and maintain peaceful co-existence in Manipur. “To bring permanent peace in Manipur, Government of India should take action against all lawbreakers in Manipur and to end siding with Kuki militants”, he said. On Mat 28 last year, “thirteen Meetei villages were brutally attacked with sophisticated guns in three districts of Manipur–(1) Phayeng Khunou Freedom Hills around 1:30 am, (2) SingdaKadangband Part 1of Imphal East District, (3)Sugnu-, (4).Serou, (5)Wapokpi -1.30 am,(6) Chandonpokpi at 2.35 am ,(7) Kamson Tampak at 2:35 am,(8) Napat , (9) Tangjengb Ahallup at 2:35 am,(10) Yaingangpokpi, (11) Sanasabi (12) Shati Khongbal and (13). Gwaltabi of Bishnupur District at 3.30 am”, says DMCC.

DMCC went on to state that in these brutal attacks, 12 Meiteis including two state forces and two Kukis were killed and 44 people were injured. “These coordinated attacks on Meeteis were carried out when high profiled General Manoj Panday, Chief of the Army Staff and East-ern Command Chief Lt General RP Kalita was stationed in Imphal. This visit of the Army chief comes ahead of the proposed three-day state visit of union home minister Amit Shah from May 29. Was it a co-incident? “, asked the DMCC.
The first major attacks on the Meetei villages were carried out on May 3, 2023 in four Kuki dominated areas– Tourbung- Bangla of Bishnupur district, 8 Meetei villages in Churachanpur district, Ekou in Kangpokpi district, 8 MeeteiLeikai of Moreh in Tengnoupal districts. On that day, one Meetei women was reportedly raped and many housed were burn down. These brutal attacks were carried out when the Hon’ble Vice President of India, Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar, was visiting Manipur on May 03, 2023, stated DMCC.
DMCC further said that the third major coordinated attacks were carried out against Manipur Police for more than eight days from December 31, 2023 to January 8, 2024 at Moreh, Tengnoupal district. “On December 31, 2023, the well coordinated attacks on security forces, Kuki militants fired a barrage of bombs and rocket pro-pelled grenades (RPGs) at police commandos at Moreh , injuring at least four personnel. Heavily armed Kuki militants launched the attacks on the State security forces at three different locations in Moreh and four personnel were injured”, pointed out DMCC.’

The Delhi based committee stated that the “intensified” attacks came minutes after Kuki militants ambushed State police and Special Commandos on routine duty near Assam Rifles’ Key Location Point at Moreh injuring one personnel yesterday. The Kuki militants intensified their attack in the evening by firing a barrage of bullets, bombs and RPGs. After a lull for some hours, heavily armed Kuki militants attacked the commando personnel at their camps and barracks at Moreh Turel Wangma at around 11.30 pm on 2nd January 2024. During the attack, one rocket propelled grenade (RPG) reportedly burst through the wall and exploded inside a room damaging the building, At least eight security personnel sustained injuries in an attack by Kuki militants at the border town of Moreh. Of the eight injured, five are special commando personnel while the remaining three are from BSF”, informed DMCC.
Kuki militants also fired two bombs from the western side of Moreh Hospital at around 7, said DMCC and further recalled that a joint team of Moreh police, Manipur Rifles, IRB personnel and 192 Battalion of BSF was heading to Chavangphai and Canan Veng to carry out massive search operations in the wake of resurgence of Kuki militants’ hostilities in the border town. The security forces, however, were ambushed by suspected cadres of KNA, UKLF and KNA-B using explosives and sophisticated weapons, leaving some security personnel injured. Four special commando personnel and a Head Constable of BSF were airlifted to Imphal and taken to RIMS while the other two BSF personnel were discharged as their injuries were not serious. Personnel of the State security forces and Border Security Force came under heavy fire by Kuki militants at an area near 5 Assam Rifles camp at Moreh on January 2, 2024, claimed DMCC.
However, the 5 Assam Rifles did not engage the Kuki militants which had fired bullets and bombs at the State security forces and BSF personnel. This was very unfortunate and unbecoming of the Assam Rifles, says DMCC. Again, using sophisticated weapons including bombs, Kuki militants once again launched a fierce attack against security forces, particularly Manipur Police personnel stationed in the border town of Moreh. Kuki militants opened heavy firing and started shelling three different places of Moreh town at around 7.20 on January 7,  2024 at Moreh ward number 7 Heinoumakhong Leikai, Moreh Bazar and new Moreh were targeted by the Kuki militants with bombs and heavy firing. The attack came after the Kuki militants warned and asked the Kuki civilians to vacate the Moreh town before January 7, claimed DMCC.
According to police source, the Kuki militants launched fresh attack on Manipur Police Commando Complex as well as other posts in Moreh Bazar, Ward No 7, 9, and Moreh Court Complex from around 7 pm. “The gunfight lasted till around 9 pm. On 8th January 2024, Heavy fighting between Kuki militants and State security forces rocked the border town of Moreh for over five hours today. State Police and Special Commando personnel were on routine foot-patrolling duty at Moreh Ward Number 7, Canan Veng when heavily armed Kuki militants attacked the security personnel using sophisticated weapons and bombs at around 8.45 am”, stated DMCC.
The Delhi based committee said that soon after launching a fierce attack on State security personnel at Canan Veng, Kuki militants launched more attacks on security personnel at two other locations viz; Moreh Ward Number 8 or New Moreh and Moreh Ward Number 9 near Elora Hotel. Taking serious note of the persistent attack by Kuki militants on state forces in Moreh town, the commanding officer of 5 Assam Rifles said After 8 days of attack by Kuki militants , that the force will give befitting response if the attacks continue further.  It was alleged that that some of the bombs fired by Kuki militants towards state security forces landed near the camps of Assam Rifles, BSF and RAF.  There was warning also of retaliation from Assam Rifles if there is any further attack on the state security forces, stated DMCC.
On January 12 2024, not even a week since Director General of Assam Rifles Lieutenant General PC Nair had said that Central forces will retaliate if provoked, special commandos of Manipur police posted at Moreh Hospital have been attacked by Kuki militants yet again using sniper rifles and other sophisticated weapons. The attack on the special commandos was carried out in the morning by Kuki militants from Chavanphai hill range, claimed DMCC.
“It clearly shows that kuki militants have enjoyed the impunity from Government of India under the suspension of operation and particularly from one of the central security forces; it seems they understood that they would not be retaliated against by the Assam Rifles. How could a well professional para -military force could simply watch and be able to stay with inaction when the fellow state police forces and BSF were under heavily attacked by kuki militants for more than 9 days?”, said DMCC.

“Now, the Government of India and its para military forces, Assam Rifles have been accused of remaining a mute spectator regarding attacks carried out by Kuki militants on State forces and BSF. The Assam Rifles have the knowledge about locations of all the camps of the Kuki militants. If they act in sync with the State security forces and BSF, the Kuki militants’ attacks can be thwarted and curbed. Now, Meetei communities are asking if this is not a sign of siding with the kuki militants,
then what else?”, asked DMCC.
“How were Meetei particularly targeted and such multiple attacks were able to carry out against them when there were high security arrangements in Manipur? Why these attackers (kuki militants) were so powerful and immune that they could
easily carry out such attacks on Meeteis in Manipur. Today, we ask some pertinent questions to be answered by the Government of India -Why is the Government of India allowing Manipur Violence to continue for more than
one year? In the last one year, Meetei have been selectively targeted, attacked, isolated and victimised”, mentioned the statement issued by DMCC.


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