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‘Hao Tangkhul Chanjam’ a book on Tangkhul sayings released


The book contains the sayings of Tangkhul community that are often underscored by values and practices. This bilingual book capture the wisdom of the tribe with over 675 sayings

TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

“Hao Tangkhul Chanjam” written by Rev Somi Kasomwoshi was released by Vice President of Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), Tuisem Kamkara on Saturday at UTBC Church, Phungreitang, Ukhrul.

Author Rev Somi Kasomwoshi elaborated on how he conceived the idea on writing a book that is relevant to Tangkhul customs. He started writing in 2018 by collecting the sayings from different sources and was finally able to the same in 2022.

The book contain the sayings of Tangkhul community and they are often underscored by values and practices. For example “Nguihaowada masi kongra li machikhai paimana” meaning a person cannot be drowned for his mistake. Simply put, capital punishment was never an option in the criminal justice adminstration of the Tangkhul community. The custom of Tangkhul always create rooms for forgiveness and restitution.

The book is bilingual and contain over 675 sayings. Leaders from Tangkhul Civil Society Organisations expressed appreciation to Rev. Somi Kasomwoshi for his effort and vision to preseve oral information into book form for the younger generation.

The programme was attended by Ex-ADCs members, church leaders, CSOs, student leaders, retired officers, intellectuals and well wishers.

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