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Former TNL president decides to enter electoral fray in Phungyar AC

Hopingson A Shimray

“It is a crucial time for me as I look forward to the 2022 election, and TNL experiences will be a great asset in the days when I get elected to serve my people,” said Hopingson A Shimray as his resignation from the post of president has been accepted by the Tangkhul Naga Long assembly.

TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

Elected and sworn in on November 8, 2018 as the President of Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), Hopingson A Shimray submitted his resignation letter on September 1, 2021 from the post of Tangkhul Naga Long (Tangkhul Naga Apex body) president. The TNL Assembly on Tuesday accepted his resignation.

Interacting with media persons, Hopingson A Shimray stated that “I had a great experience working at Tangkhul Naga Long. TNL is made of chiefs and leaders of different villages. Working with them, I experience good as well as bad moments. I have a few ideas why we are not developing. I also know now what can we do for progress. I don’t mean to say I know everything. Just enough ideas. I am very grateful to TNL for the years of experience. My Vice-President and my 13 executives, the Assembly Affairs, had a good working relationship. So, was my relationship with the various frontal and regional organizations. It has been a lifetime experience. It is a crucial time for me as I look forward to the 2022 election, and those experiences will be a great asset in the days when I get elected to serve my people. I am satisfied.”

“Everyone has already heard about my resignation (from TNL). I have already mentioned in my resignation that I am resigning to contest the election. Some people asked me whether I could just join or leave TNL at my whims. But, I took voluntary retirement in 2016 from the post of Chief Financial Advisor at North East Frontier Railway instead of retiring in 2019 to join the electoral politics within the state of Manipur; to serve our community and the tribals. Unfortunately, when 2017 election took place, maybe, the doors were not opened for me to take part. Thus, I could not fulfill my wish. This time I hope to complete the unfinished business.

“Thus, I am sure that I can serve the community in a much bigger sphere than when I was working for TNL. Many thought I would be contesting from NPF. But, looking at the political scenario, how the government of Manipur is functioning through a coalition government; there is no difference between BJP and NPF. They are doing the same work. There are more advantages in joining BJP. If I am going to contest election solely, on developmental issues, there is nothing like BJP for me. Acknowledging that much more can be done by joining BJP, I want to join the party. I will look at the limit in what I can do within BJP as well as what I can do for my people. I am confident that this will bear the result; that I can do more meaningful work. Thus, I have joined BJP. I don’t have any ill feelings towards or rebelling against anyone. My decision is based on the best interest of the people.

“Looking at how TNL took its decision today with much more than the required quorum of representatives, allowing my resignation, I am very satisfied. More than that, I am very happy that Hunphun and TNL agreed to forgive and forget each other’s mistakes and move on in the greater interest of our community. I want to send my thanks and love to the leaders and people of Hunphun.

Hopingson A Shimray conveyed the message to the people to extend maximum support and cooperation to TNL and appeal for a harmonious life in the coming days. He added, “With the acceptance of my resignation, I will be fully focusing on State Legislative Assembly Election 2022 as a BJP intending candidate from 43-Phungyar Assembly Constituency.”

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