CHCs and PHCs in Ukhrul, Kamjong districts seem to exist just for giving first aid: TMNL president

By FrontierManipur | Published On 19th Sep, 2021, 11:17 GMT+0530

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There is no infrastructure that the health workers can give treatment to patients, said Somatai Machinao at one-day consultative meeting on patient-doctor relationship and healthcare concern of Ukhrul and Kamjong Districts.

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 “During our visit to various CHCs and PHCs in Ukhrul and Kamjong districts, we found out that they seem to exist just for giving first aid. Otherwise, there is no infrastructure that the health workers can give treatment to patients,” said president of Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long (TMNL) Somatai Machinao. A team recently toured to various places of Ukhrul and Kamjong Districts, he said.

He was speaking at a one-day consultative meeting on patient-doctor relationship and healthcare concern of Ukhrul and Kamjong Districts held today at Ukhrul District Hospital. The programne was organised by All Tangkhul Medicos Association (ATMA).

Somatai Machinao said that the blood bank facilities at Ukhrul District Hospital should function at the earliest so that the youth can donate blood to save lives.

Attending the consultative meeting, President of Tangkhul Shanao Long, Veronica Zingkhai spoke on the topic “Public grievances on healthcare in Ukhrul and Kamjong Districts.”

Medical Superintendent of Ukhrul District Hospital Dr Reisangmi Raikhan said, “There are many problems and difficulties the health workers are facing. There is a shortage of staff. We are functioning at 50% staff strength. A hospital cannot be run by just the Doctors and Nurses. We need technicians and other staff.”

He further said, “Many health workers are hesitant to come to Ukhrul because there is lack of infrastructure, support and love from the community. Health workers especially coming from other communities should be treated with love and respect because at the end of the day the benefit is for our own community.”

Dr Reisangmi Raikhan also said that some patients are very ungrateful even after getting the best possible treatment at Ukhrul District Hospital. “The hospital environment is awful. There is no security for the health workers. People often resorted to unruly culture. We must shed this kind of attitude and mentality,” he added.

Questioning who would like to work or stay when there is no security, he urged community leaders to correct this problem. “There should be no communication gap between the CSOs and District Hospital Authority for cohesiveness and smooth functioning of the hospital,” he said.

Dr Soreingam Ragui stated that “according to Epidemic Act 200, there is a provision for giving punishment to those individuals who assault or harass the health workers. State can make its own law. There is Manipur Medicare Provider Act 2016. We can utilize this Act.”

During the discussion hour, the participants share ideas on how to maintain a better doctor-patient relationship. They also deliberated on the healthcare infrastructures, ethics and security of the health workers. One participant shared that “instead of ascertaining the facts or understanding the facts, our people tend to mobilise and resort to unruly behaviour. Let us do away with this habit.”

The consultative meeting was also attended by VP of Tangkhul Naga Long, Tuisem Kamkara, President of Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS) Shimri Raising, President of Thawaijao Hungpung Young Students’ Organisation (THYSO), CMO of Ukhrul, DrKapangring A Shimray, Dr Nelson Vashum, Additional SP of Ukhrul, Ringthing Hongchui, SDPO of Ukhrul, Thotreithing Chalamva, doctors from Ukhrul District Hospital and Kamjong CHC and various leaders of CSOs from Tangkhul community.

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