With call for free and fair election, Kangpokpi youths held motor rally

By FrontierManipur | Published On 12th Oct, 2021, 02:37 GMT+0530

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Youths of Kangpokpi participating in the motor rally

Covering more than 30 Km from Damdei (Taloulong) to Hengbung village, the wheel of change is a humble initiative of like-minded youths for a free and fair election under the banner of Vision Saitu 2022.

TFM Kangpokpi Representative

A motor rally under the theme, “Wheel of Change: Free and Fair Election” under the initiative of Vision Saitu 2022 was held in Kangpokpi district.

The wheel of change rally advocating to safeguard and secure the constitutional rights and democratic values at the time of any election and also promoting free and fair election was flagged off from Damdei (Taloulong) ground by Lamtinthang Haokip, a social activist and former convenor of Youth For Change and Philem Rohan Singh, an environmentalist and philanthropist. He is also an intending candidate from the Saitu AC for the upcoming election. 

Covering more than 30 Km from Damdei (Taloulong) to Hengbung village, the wheel of change is a humble initiative of like-minded youths for a free and fair election under the banner of Vision Saitu 2022 and it was the first of its kind in the history of 51-Saitu (ST) Assembly Constituency and Kangpokpi district in particular and the hill districts as a whole.

Village authorities, youth clubs, and various civil society organisations, including Motbung village authority, Kangpokpi Town Committee, KSO Sadar Hills, Kuki Women Union, Sadar Hills, Ningthoupham Youth Club, and Hengbung warmly welcomed the wheel of change rally at their respective villages/town.

With maximum support across the stretch of Asian Highway-1 from Damdei (Taloulong) to Hengbung, more than 200 participants including volunteers of the Ngamthang Youth Team participated in the wheel of change rally which culminated at Saparmeina with words of exhortation and encouragement from the host club United Saparmeina Youth Club and Kangpokpi Addl. SP (LO) Thangkhochon Haokip. 

According to the Information and Publicity Cell of Vision Saitu 2022, the wheel of change rally was conducted voluntarily and all participants who took part in the rally was of their own will, dedication, and of people who advocate for ‘Clean Politics’ in the state and people’s mandated representative in 51-Saitu AC.

While advocating the rights and freedom of the common people, Vision Saitu 2022 made a humble appeal to all the like-minded citizens of Saitu AC and the entire constituencies of the state at large to support and encourage the initiative for a healthy society, better Manipur, and a brighter future of a younger generation.

It also acknowledged and extended its sincere gratitude to all the participants and well-wishers of the Wheel of Change Rally for its grand success and conveyed heartfelt gratitude to KSO Twikun Block, Taloulong VA, Motbung VA, Hengbung VA, Ningthoupham YC, United Saparmeina YC, Kangpokpi Town Committee, KSO Sadar Hills, KWU Sadar Hills for hosting the rally with words of support, assistance, and encouragement for a free and fair election.

Vision Saitu 2022 also acknowledged the interest, support, and participation of the Ngamthang Youth Team for Free and Fair election motor rally.

Meanwhile, Ngamthang Youth Team leader Haopu Haokip said that they participate in the wheel of change rally as we are committed to free and fair election while clarifying that Ngamthang Youth Team does not mean we are working for one particular party or candidate rather work for the overall development, growth, achievement, and changes in Saitu AC.

He continued that as they also believed that youth are the future pillar of the nation, they also agree that if they work together as a team they might witness a proper free and fair election that they tried to achieve in the years to come.

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