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Villagers celebrate Paorei settlement’s Platinum Jubilee


42 houses from Phungcham first migrated to present-day Paorei in 1946, when they converted to Christianity. At present, the village has a total of around 450 houses.


TFM Ukhrul Correspondent


On December 10, 1946, forefathers of Phungcham, who had converted into Christianity, were allotted a settlement area at Paorei. The villagers celebrated 75 years of their settlement in a grand event on Friday.

Wungpam Raikhan, intending NPF MLA candidate from 45-Chingai Assembly Constituency attended the celebration as chief guest. Headman of Phungcham Wungnaongam Horamwo and Chairman of Peh Village Moon Shimrah were the guests of honour.

Speaking at the programme, Wungpam Raikhan who had taken voluntary retirement from Central Public Work Department (CPWD) to enter into electoral politics stated that “I took early retirement from my work to enter politics and serve the people. My actual retirement will be in 2035, through prayer, my wife and I made the decision to give service to the people during our prime time.”

He further added that “Look East Policy is coming. We should be prepared to safeguard our rights, use of our land and identity and at the same time we must make room to grab the opportunity that is coming in front of us. Development can come only when we are united. We must have a clear vision to stir our future development. The world is fast changing. We must cope up with the rest of the world so that we are not left far behind. Let us prepare a path, make a way so that our people can live a dignified life. Let us develop our roads, educational institutions, power and healthcare system.”

Wungpam Raikhan also appealed to the gatherings to protect the environment so that coming generations can continue to exist on this earth. “Due to wanton destruction of trees and setting of forest fires, we have started experiencing scarcity of water. Pollution is slowly increasing and thus endangering our existence. Let us endeavor to solve these problems together. Continue to pray for my future roadmap and for other candidates. I earnestly want your prayer support,” he added.

Headman of Phungcham, Wungnaongam Horamwo in his address stated that “Let me reiterate that this very place has been demarcated for settlement of people who believed and followed the doctrine of Christianity by my forefathers in 1946. May we all be blessed.”

Chairman of Peh Village Moon Shimrah stated, “I on behalf of my entire villagers expressed immense gratitude to Paorei for inviting us on this auspicious day. It is the desire and wish of every Peh villager that our neighbouring Paorei Village progress in all fields in the days to come. This celebration would surely bring the two villagers closer together and forge a common vision for the future betterment. This is also a time to come together and strengthen the existing bond. We should walk together to bring all round development in our area. There is time for everything, we are at our prime time and this is the right time for all of us to work for truth and peace.”

Chairman of Paorei Village Robust Pheirei expressed gratitude to the Headman of Phugcham and Almighty God for 75 years of settlement here at Paorei. “May this celebration bring us closer together to live peacefully as one and move forward as one for a progressive society. We also expressed our gratitude to past Chairmen and leaders of Paorei for the service and sacrifice they have endured for the greater glory of Paorei. May we continue to carry the legacy forward,” he said.

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