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To be or not to be: President’s Rule or Election in Nagaland, NPCC wonders


NPCC president K Therie informed that the Government of India has hinted at granting Regional Autonomous Council (RAC) for ENPO as per sources.

 By Imna Longchar, TFM Nagaland Correspondent

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) is wondering whether or not the government of India is bent on imposing President’s Rule in the state or hold the Assembly Election. The people are also confused over the issue, says NPCC.

NPCC president K Therie recently said that as per sources, the government of India’s representative for the Naga political group was trying to impress upon the negotiation teams by hinting that the government of India was trying to find a way for “President’s Rule” in order to implement the agreed political solution(s).

He said that the government of India was also playing with the Eastern Nagaland People’s Organization (ENPO) without consulting the state government on the issue though there is an apprehension that the Nagaland government was hiding from the people.

Therie supplemented that through sources, the NPCC has learnt that the government of India has hinted at granting Regional Autonomous Council (RAC) for ENPO.

With the announcement of RAC, the government of India may notify election blaming Nagas for lack of unity in accepting the solution while the only disunity is while the public want solution, the Nagaland state government does not want solution, unless NSCN (IM) also accepts, said Therie

Mentioning that it is the responsibility of the Nagaland chief minister to answer to the posed question, Therie also said the Chief Minister of Nagaland cannot keep his people in suspense n whether “President’s Rule or Election” should be the choice of Nagaland as the future of Nagaland cannot be in the hands of government of India.

“If UDA wants solution, just step down and ask GOI to implement the agreed solutions. If not, tell them in a resolution that we want State elections on time. The decision should be from Nagaland State Assembly,” Therie said.

Maintaining that BJP has betrayed the Nagas for the last seven years, Therie was of the view that without knowing clearly the mind of government of India, the MLAs should stop misleading the public.

As for Congress, Therie said that the NPCC support President’s Rule to implement the agreed Political solutions because after election, it will be too expensive for MLAs to resign for President’s Rule to facilitate implementation of agreed solutions.

Hindutva and Uniform Civil Code are by default anti-Christian: NPCC

Meanwhile, in a rejoinder issued by NPCC communication department chairman, Wezote Kreo, on Friday with regard to a statement issued by BJP National vice-president, M Chuba Ao, published in some local dailies on December 30, stated that as a Christian politician, aligning with the BJP is the first contradiction to one’s faith and that the BJP’s agenda of Hindutva and Uniform Civil Code are by default anti-Christian.

Their agenda to establish one Nation, one religion by force has been conveniently left out of the narrative. Whether the BJP can establish this or not is another question but lending one’s political weight to push these agendas towards realization only gravitates the situation, particularly in a state where nearly 90% of the population is Christian, said NPCC.

In 2022, the engine of BJP – the RSS drafted a constitution for a ‘Hindu Rashtra’ with provisions to bar Christians and Muslims from Voting while enjoying all other privileges of normal citizens. How can any citizen be promised to be denied Universal Adult Franchise based on religion? Under the Constitution of India, all citizens are equal with equal rights, duties, and freedoms, said the NPCC

Further, the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat during his visit to Shillong, Meghalaya, claimed that all the inhabitants of India are originally Hindus and in the month of December itself, the BJP government in Assam through its police department ordered the profiling of churches within the state and the patterns of religious conversion being undertaken.

Article 25 of the Indian Constitution guarantees freedom of conscience and the right to freely profess, practice, and propagate religion subject to public order, morality, and health. Also, Article 26 gives all denominations the right to manage their own affairs in matters of religion. However, these provisions have come to be considered unlawful in the context of Christians and Muslims. Meanwhile, for Hindus, they have full freedom to exercise these provisions of the Constitution as per the intended application. They have resorted to terming as forced conversions to victimize the churches and missionaries. Today, even peaceful association and worship services are disrupted with violence by applying the term ‘forced conversions’.

After the BJP government since 2014, the number of cases of attacks on Christians and Christian institutions has risen alarmingly.

Funding of Christian institutions has also been cut off. We have seen pastors and missionaries assaulted and paraded.

The NPCC has voiced out time and again while even the state government has remained silent out of fear.

With the BJP’s Manifesto promising implementation of UCC and the Citizenship Amendment Act. Christians and other minorities will be persecuted more and more in times to come.

“These are some reasons why Christians should be wary of the BJP’s multi-pronged approach to establish a Hindu Rashtra”, Wezote Kreo added.



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