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Association of Meiteis in the Americas Supports relief efforts in Manipur


Following the initial round of fundraising, AMA in a press release said that it has successfully concluded the collection of funds, achieving a resounding success in our recent crowdfunding campaign.

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Association of Meiteis in the Americas (AMA) has supported relief efforts in Manipur through donations to Clubs and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs). AMA has also announced the completion of its donation drive for  various Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and clubs involved in relief efforts for the displaced individuals affected by the current Meitei-Kuki ethnic conflict of Manipur.
Following the initial round of fundraising, AMA in a press release said that it has successfully concluded the collection of funds, achieving a resounding success in our recent crowdfunding campaign. AMA had raised a sum of over $20,000 (about INR 1650000), thanks to the generous contributions of more than 300 donors. The collected donations have now been efficiently disbursed to the relevant Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and clubs actively engaged in the relief efforts. These organisations are diligently working towards addressing the urgent needs of the individuals affected by the conflict, said AMA.
“We express our utmost appreciation to all the donors for their unwavering support in making this achievement possible.
AMA would like to express its gratitude to all the generous contributors who made this accomplishment possible. Their support and contributions have made a significant difference in assisting the displaced individuals and helping them rebuild their lives amidst the challenging circumstances,” said AMAM

AMA has extended its financial support to many Relief Camps in Manipur. The organisation was able to distribute the amount through several esteemed CSOs and clubs that have been actively working to provide aid, shelter, and necessary supplies to the affected individuals residing in those relief camps. The donation aims to alleviate the suffering and provide essential resources to those who have been forced to leave their homes due to the conflict.
It stressed on the importance of solidarity and humanitarian assistance during times of crisis. “As a global community, it is our responsibility to extend a helping hand to our fellow Manipuris in need. This donation reflects our commitment to supporting the Meitei community and assisting them toward recovery and resilience”, said AMA.

AMA expressed its gratitude to all the CSOs, and clubs for their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in providing relief and support to the displaced individuals. The collective resilience and compassion demonstrated by these organisations are truly inspiring.
List of beneficiaries in alphabetical order:
1. All Meitei Medicos’s Union (AMMU), JNIMS
3. Committee for Peace and Social Harmony Kakching
4. Heingang Relief Camp
5. Indian Red Cross Society, Manipur
6. Kadangband Apunba Naharol, Kadangband Part II
7. Kakching bazaar board Relief Camp
8. Kakching Khunou Khunkha social welfare club
9. Khurkhul Relief Camp
10. Kodompokpi Lamkhai Model youth club
11. Koujengleima Sporting Association, Sekmai
12. Koutruk Relief Camp
13. Laipham Youth Association, Wangoo, Thoubal
14. Lamboi Khongangkhong Relief Camp
15. Leimaram Yaipha Lamjing Lup , Bishenpur
16. Meitei Society Churachandpur
17. Meitei Youth Organization Churachandpur
18. Moirang Purel Relief Camp
19. Nachou Jr. High School relief camp
20. Peace & Relief Camp – Wabagai
21. Peace and Relief Committee, Manipur College, Imphal
22. Peace Committee Kakching
23. Progressive Youth Organization Khundrakpam Makha Leikai
24. Senjam Chirang Youth Club
25. Social Development Association – Kangchup
26. Sugnu Community Hall Relief Camp
27. The High Court Bar Association of Manipur
28. The Lions Club of Imphal East
29. The Singda Naharol Yaitha Thouni Kanglup – Singda Kadangband Part I
30. Wangoo Awang leikai (local Voluntary camp)
31. Wangoo Chithek Leikai
32. Wangoo Laipham Awang Leikai
33. Wangoo Lupa Marup
34. Wangoo NongaiKhong Mapal Camp
35. Young sporting club, Leitanpokpi
36. Youth Development Organization, Ething

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