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State stages ‘fake home-coming’ ceremonies to defame ‘people’s movement’, says KYKL

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KYKL also rubbished the news report is that there was an active cadre from KYKL taking part in the recent “surrender drama”

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The proscribed KYKCL has accused the government of Manipur of organising “fake home-coming” ceremonies welcoming alleged members of banned groups into the ‘mainstream’.

In a press note issued by A Yaiphaba, Secretary, Publicity and Research, KYKL said that the phrase “Lanna Chatlurabasing mahousagi ichelda hallakhre,” which is often used by the colonial masters and their allies to repress the liberation movement currently underway in the state, may be observed through the lens of “ideological state apparatus.”

“Besides misleading the people, this also leaves the impression among the masses that launching a liberation movement to reclaim our lost sovereignty is unnecessary and that Kanglei revolutionaries are misguided people”, said KYKL.

There is no doubt that “homecoming ceremonies, in which deserters from the movement or randomly picked gangsters unrelated to the movement are dressed in combat clothes, have misled the people, informing them that starting a freedom movement has no meaning since India is our own country and Manipur is not a colonial state. To defeat our enemies, it is crucial that we identify their tactics and reject such misleading state practices”, alleged KYKL.

In recent past, there has been widespread media coverage of the “home-coming” ceremony of 12 members of KCP(PWG) and one member of KYKL laying down their weapons before the Chief Minister of Manipur. The media news stories described how the state government and the central government collaborated to bring 12 KCP (PWG) cadres and one KYKL cadre back into mainstream society.

“A false concept of India as our nation is the message this report will have conveyed to the people, as well as the notion that those who fight against colonialism are misguided people”, asserted KYKL.

KYKL also rubbished the news report is that there was an active cadre from KYKL taking part in the “surrender drama” called Leisangthem Arun (36) @ Chingjao from Khurai Saroj Leikai.

This has made it more than clear that what the state government is “doing is pure drama, but extremely venomous drama. Chingjao is one such person who abandoned the cause years ago because he did not want to give his life in order to further the cause. His name had already been crossed off the army list for the MYL, KYKL” said the press note.

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