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Peace rally at Puiluanh Village denounces ‘terror activities’ of ISF


The rally out-rightly condemned the alleged outrageous plot of “planting terror bomb attack upon the Naga people” at Puiluan Village, Nungba Sub-Division, Manipur on September 24, 2022 during the broad daylight allegedly by the security forces.

By Tennoson Pheiray, TFM Correspondent

A peaceful democratic rally was held at Puiluanh (Kambiron) village on September 27 jointly organised by Rongmei Naga Council Manipur (RNCM), Rongmei Naga Lih Phwam Manipur (RNLPM), Rongmei Naga Students’ Organisation Manipur (RNSOM), Nungba Area Village Authoritiy Association (NAVAA) & Nungba Area Joint Action Committee (NAJAC) under the aegis of United Naga Council (UNC), Naga Women Union (NWU), All Naga Students’ Association Manipur (ANSAM).

The peace rally was organised condemning the “coward and barbaric act of terrorism of planting a Bomb” at heart of Puiluanh (Kambiron), a historical village of National Freedom Fighter Haipou Jadonang, allegeldy by one Thiyam Ashok Singh of 87 Bn CRPF Personnel at the behest/under the instructions of 39 Assam Rifles on 24th September 2022.

The rally outrightly condemned the outrageous plot of planting terror bomb attack upon the Naga people at Puiluan Village, Nungba Sub-Division, Manipur on 24th September 2022 during the broad daylight allegedly by the CRPF personnel in connivance with 39th Assam Riffle. That, it has been “caught redhanded implanting of EID Live Bomb by one Thiyam Ashok Singh of Kongba Leikai, Imphal Manipur, a CID/GD of 87th Battalion of CRPF under the direction of terror master Assam Riffle” where the accused has admitted the commission of the same terror act disrupting the peaceful atmosphere of Puiluan Village and surrounding areas. Such atrocious act with intelligent conspiracy had been flaunting in Nagas areas for a decades in a conceal fashion by the Indian security themselves to put the Naga areas in a bad light with a disturbed area tag. The treacherous military activity that has been unleashing continuously upon the Naga people by the Indian Security forces is highly unacceptable said Eno Thotso AC, General Secretary of ANSAM during his speech.

Naga Women Union President Eli Asha, during her speech condemn the barbaric and coward act of the Indian Security Forces against the innocent civilians of Puiluanh Village. She praised the local public for showing their strength and commitment to prevent the state sponsored terrorism by so called security forces within the peaceful village.

Athan Rongmei, Vice President of the RNCM laud the villagers for showing their true Naga colour that saves innocent lives. He exhorted the rally to remain alert with the terror schemes and policy of the Assam Rifles. Such stage managed drama isn’t a new subject and is not unexpected. Nungba Area, a peace zone where no single gunshot is heard or known is targeted by the Assam Rifles frequently to get a “good boy” comment by their officers by planting bombs. This is the Fourth incident of bomb planting by Assam Rifles in Nungba Area during the last 4 years and we cannot remain silent spectator. Assam Rifles who clad themselves “the friends of the hill peoples” is simply a Terror Experts, Bomb Planting Experts, Conspiracy Experts and threat experts in the hills as their activities had proven all times, said the Vice President RNCM.
He further assert that saving and defending oneself from the satanic evil conspiracy of the Indian security forces especially from Assam Rifles against should be taught to each children as safety measures since the proclaimed security forces cannot be trusted anymore for safety.
The slogan and display placards termed the CRPF & Assam Rifles as “Bomb Planting Experts, Terror Experts”.

The rally called for Peace and further urge the Govt.of India for Solution to the protracted Indo-Naga to be inclusive, honourable and acceptable basing on the unique Naga History and its situations. Further Government of India should focus on one ‘mutually negotiated solution’ in the spirit Indo-Naga Framework Agreement.
The rally also demands the,
1. Immediate booking and initiate exemplary actions against the rank and file involved in the Puiluanh Incident.
2. Repeal the draconian Armed Forces Special Power Act, 1958 from all the Naga Areas and give peace a chance in Naga villages and create congenial atmosphere for peaceful landing of Indo-Naga settlement.
3. Logical conclusion of Indo-Naga Peace Talk with due recognition of “Naga Flag, Constitution and Integration” as the “Inalienable Right” of the Naga people.

The rally stressed and urge the Government of India to make every efforts to bring an amicable solution to Indo Naga political dialogue since that is the only way forward to live in peace.

In showing solidarity to people of Puiluanh Village and condemning and denouncing the act of terrorism committed by the Government Security Forces, one hour total shut down were enforced in a Naga Districts of Manipur from 11 am to 12 Noon.

In this regard, Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim, Ministry of Information amd Publicity on the 25th September, 2022 has issued a press statement. “In an outrageous incident that comes to nothing short of an act of terrorism plotted by the 39th Assam Rifles (AR) posted at Nungba and the 87th Battalion of CRPF at Kambiron, IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) was planted at the site when the program for the renovation of Jadonang Memorial was going on at Puiluan village in Tamenglong district on the 24th September, 2022.

As per eye witnesses of Kambiron village, a person by the name of Thiyam Ashok Singh of Kongba Leikai, Imphal, Manipur was detained by the women folks of Puiluan village at around 7:30 am, 24th September, 2022, as he was found moving around in suspicious manner. Later, when interrogated it was revealed that he is a CID/GD of the 87th Battalion of the CRPF of Kambiron (Puiluan). He also admitted that it was he who planted the IED under the direction of his commander Inspector Dogra Singh of the 87th CRPF at Kambiron, while the IED was delivered to him by the 39th Assam Rifles at Nungba on the 23rd evening at around 4 pm. As planned, he planted the IED at the village junction of Puiluan and the 37th National Highway (NH) just adjacent to public residences.

The scenario that followed exposed the exact target of the AR and CRPF. People from the village coming to attend the Jadonang Memorial program were frisked by the joint team of the 39th AR at Nungba under the commandership of Major Rahul and Major Anil of the 39th AR Kaimai outpost. During the frisking and checking of all vehicles, nonsensical questions like “Is there any IM cadres” and “Is the two elders coming for the program?” were asked.

The unfolding development in the next moment only exposed the absurdity of the Indian security forces determined to disrupt peace and harmony of the village in general and in particular put the life of Longchaibi Gonmei, Kilonser and ‘Brig. Lovejoy Jajo’, the Commander of Jadonang Brigade, Naga Army in grave danger as they are supposed to attend the renovation program of Jadonang Memorial as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively.

The use of IED to cause panic and dead is highly unwarranted given the peaceful conduct of the villagers led by the CSOs, the local Civil Courts and the public leaders in any situation. The detained CRPF cadre was treated very fairly after he was put in public custody. To settle the matter amicably, an agreement was signed between the CRPF and the village court. Accordingly, the CRPF man was set free but after giving him a strong warning. Unfortunately, the whole situation is downright bizarre. NSCN out-rightly deplored such an act of cowardice by the 39th AR and the 87th CRPF.”

In the Pei (Thoubei) Customary Court of Puilvanh (Kambiron), Thiyam Ashok Singh pleaded guilty of the act charged against him on 24 September 2022.

The order read “Thiyam Ashik Singh was brought to the Customary Court ((Thoubei) of the Puilvanh (Kambiron) village. According to the Customary Law “Bumun Baengmun Khatmei” to prevent vengeance against the convicted “Gnak Kupugu” (five handspan) pig was brought to the Court.

“Thiyam Ashok Singh was tried and found guilty by the Law of Customary Court. Being found guilty the Court hereby order the convicted (Thiyam Ashok Singh) to bring “Guai Kachei Zaksunmei” by 28th September 2022 to the Court.

“The Court also hereby issued a stern order to the CRPF 87 BN that if this kind of criminal act is repeated against the public by the CRPF 87 BN, the battalion should be removed from the Kambiron village soil.”

The order was signed by Chairman and Secretary of Village Authority and members of Pei (Thoubei) Customary Court and also by the convict Thiyam Ashok Singh and AC of 87 BN CRPF.

As per information made available, Thiyam Ashok Singh, Force No. 055154631, Rank CT/INT was born on 01/02/1987 and was enlisted on 29/11/2005 and join the unit on 08/02/2021 and is a permanent resident of Thiyam Konjin, PO Lilong, PS Irilbung, Imphal East District, Manipur.

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