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SOREPA declares total shutdown on Republic Day

Stating that WESEA including Manipur was never part of India, SOREPA maintained that there is no point in celebrating the Republic Day of India.
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Socialist Revolutionary Party (SOREPA), Kangleipak announced total shutdown on January 26, the Republic Day of India, from 1 am to 5 pm, while imposing a “ban” on the celebrations of the day.
Stating that the total shutdown will be relaxed for personnel of fire service and other disasters , medical institutes, press, and religious and cultural activities, SOREPA urged people for support in making the total shutdown a success.
SOREPA, in a release, contended that the idea of “republic” is meaningless for the people of Kashmir, Khalistan and WESEA for they being oppressed by “Hindu-India”. Choosing of “master” by “slaves” is not republic, it asserted.
The “Indian imperialism” of the “deep state” of India is based on Nehru’s “idea of India” and “Hindutva’ of the “fanatic” Hindu Sangh Parivar, SOREPA contended, while adding that the people of Kashmir, Khalistan and WESEA were not part of those who made the constitution of India.
SOREPA also accused “Hindu-India” of destroying the aged old tradition, culture, indigenous religions, language and assimilate the people to fit the false narrative that the people of Kangleipak (Manipur) are related to the Aryan race and Hindus. It is part of the grand design of the “ethnic genocide” being waged against those forcefully annexed by India, it stated.
The armed outfit further maintained that the recent Oting massacre was an attempt to annihilate the Nagas from WESEA as part of the “ethnic genocide” process, while stating that it was not an act of a republic.
In the wake of Oting massacre, the people of WESEA unanimously demanded the repeal of AFSPA, which has been a weapon for “Indian genocide”, SOREPA said. But instead of heeding to the demand, the imposition of the Act was extended. AFSPA and similar Acts are being used for “ethnic cleansing” of the Mongoloids of WESEA, it contended.
The release further stated that Manipur has also witnessed such instances of “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide”, including the killings at Patsoi, Oinam, Heirangoithong, RIMS, Malom etc and the brutal killings of Chanu Rose, Manorama, Rabina-Sanjit etc. The atrocities meted out to the women of Kashmir, Khalistan and WESEA are not an example of a republic, it added.
Stating the along with Kashmir and Khalistan, SOREPA is waging war for independence, the party argued that as the economic rights and right of self governance of these people are being trampled upon, there is no meaning in calling it a republic.
Stating that the true face of the republic is in full display during the election, SOREPA criticised the so called leaders for their shamelessness in begging from Delhi and widespread use of drugs and alcohol during election, contending that it is a tactic used by the “deep state” to destroy the youths. Such “festival of democracy” has been practiced in other states of India where the use of violence, money, alcohol and drugs are rampant. Unfortunately, it is now being practiced in college and university elections as well in Manipur. Since the deep state is aware that a “political resistance movement” is imminent if the people of Manipur become woke, they always try to “dehumanise” the people, it added.
SOREPA also contended that players of WESEA are being ostracised and neglected by the Indian Olympic Association. All the players who have been successful struggle on their own and the Indian authorities only recognise them when they succeed. If a contingent of WESEA were to represent themselves in the Olympics, they would outclass the Indian athletes, it added.
Stating that the downfall of Sangh Parivar will spell doom for Hindu-India, SOREPA warned that some people of Manipur who are dreaming of forcefully building a Hindu society in Manipur will go down with them. Even the Congress was unsuccessful in building an India based on Nehruvianism, it added.
Stating that WESEA including Manipur was never part of India, SOREPA maintained that there is no point in celebrating the Republic Day of India. The armed outfit also urged for collaboration and joint struggle in breaking the “hegemony” of India.
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