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Retirement fund earmarked for Tangkhul Pastors


Any Tangkhuls, who have served in the Baptist Pastoral Ministry, will be entitled to receive retirement funds from the Community Service Centre (CSC) under the project initiated by Tangkhul Theological Association (TTA) and Go North East Mission (GoNEM).

TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

For the first time in history, under the initiative of Tangkhul Theological Association and Go North East Mission (GoNEM), any Tangkhuls who have served in the Baptist Pastoral Ministry will be given retirement funds.

In a launching programme held at TTA Office in Hamleikhong, Ukhrul on Wednesday, Director of TTA Dr Banner Makan announced that the retirement fund will be implemented from today onwards. “It is not an automatic retirement fund, one must meet the criteria set by the Community Service Centre,” he added.

The criteria are, the person must have served not less than 25 years in the Pastoral ministries, the person must have a reputed record of service and lifestyle, the person must reach 70 years of age to receive the fund, the person must be someone who does not receive fund or being supported by the church or family members, the person must demonstrate dire financial difficulties as observed and recommended by the local church where he/she belongs and must continue to be a standing member of the church and a spouse of the late pastor/minister is also entitled to receive the fund with the recommendation of the church.

Dr Banner Makan informed that “In collaboration with GoNEM, a Community Shop was opened in 2019 at TTA building at Hamleikhong, Ukhrul. Out of the 20% profit made through the business the retirement fund will be disbursed by identifying the pastors area wise.”

Founder Director of GoNEM Ramthing Kasar said that because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the proposed project “Community Shop” was put on hold for two years. “Our target is to make every Tangkhul village an economy enterprise village and along with the livelihood project taken up by TTA we will implement the project,” he added.

Ramthing Kasar also informed that a project entitled “Old Age Prayer House” will be activated soon to entertain and pray for the elders in the village. The team will visit various villages and interact with the elders of the villages to make the village a power house village.

The Community Shop at Hamleikhong, Ukhrul will supply goods and materials at wholesale rate. The 20% profit made through the business will be diverted to Community Sevice Centre for sponsoring Pastors’ retirement fund. The launching programme was attended by leaders of TTA and GoNEM.

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