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MCSCCE 2016 scam: Manipur government’s hidden agenda stands exposed, says group of aspirants

Manipur Public Service Commission

The State Government has filed a Special Leave Petition in Supreme Court to restore all the 81 terminated candidates to their respective terminated posts and also not to conduct the exam afresh, it said.

TFM Desk

Group of Aspirants (GOA) on Saturday came down heavily on the Manipur government for going all out to restore all the 81 terminated candidates selected in controversial Manipur civil service Combined Competitive (Main) 2016 examinations to their respective terminated posts.

The infamous MCSCCE 2016 was quashed by the High Court of Manipur, the decision further upheld by the Supreme Court of India, leading to termination of 81 candidates from their posts (MCS, MPS, SDC, EO) for the first time in the history of Manipur.  However, after three years of legal and hard work by the people of Manipur (especially candidates) may end up in nothing due to the arrogant and brazen act of the State Government, said aspirants.

Shockingly it has come to light that the State Government has filed a Special Leave Petition in the Supreme Court to restore all the 81 terminated candidates to their respective terminated posts and also not to conduct the exam afresh, it said.

The GOA said in a press statement that the State hired none other than Solicitor General of India Tushar Mehta to argue on its behalf. One can only imagine as to why the State is pursuing with all its might to restore the exam which was full of illegalities and irregularities that shock the collective conscience of the general public of Manipur.

It is sad and shocking that the State instead of trying to conduct the exam afresh without any controversies have now pursued to save the tainted exam. Whether any bribe, corruption or quid pro involving high ranking officials of the government of Manipur is the reason behind such an arrogant stand of the State is anybody’s guess. The State should be well advised that it is the Taxpayers money (People of Manipur) which is being wasted by filing innumerable such petitions.

The Supreme Court of India has now issued notice to all related respondents which is returnable on or before 18.08.2021 by its order dated 19.07.2021. The Group of Aspirants strongly believes that nothing goods will come out if the pending matter is not resolved at the earliest. The only loss will be for the people of Manipur especially the candidates (both selected and non-selected).

It is quite unfortunate on the part of the MPSC that it didn’t send its advocate on July 19, 2021, despite being informed from our sides on two different occasions to the Secretary, MPSC himself and this has caused another delay we believe. Group of Aspirants appeal to all the parties not to play delaying tactics in future as it will only ruin time, energy, money as well as career of the many aspirants.

The State believed that the exam was conducted with utmost care, and no illegalities/irregularities as such to warrant cancellation of the exam resulting in subsequent termination of the candidates.  If the very fact that in ALL the 6,000 plus answer scripts there was one or more than one irregularities/illegalities in addition to the various procedural lapses by the MPSC, were unable to convince the state that there was indeed some kind of corruption or other malafide intention damaging the careers of the candidates, one can only worry for the sorry state of affair in our State, it lamented.

The High Court of Manipur while dismissing the review petition castigated particularly the Government of Manipur for filing the review petition stating that the State should be a neutral party and not take sides, rather strive to select efficient and meritorious candidates on the basis of an exam without any controversies as such, it said.

However, the directions of the High court seem to have fallen on deaf ears or that the State seems to have a hidden agenda. The State of Manipur in collusion with some of the terminated candidates have now filed a special leave petition to the Supreme Court of India now challenging the order of the High Court dismissing the review petition, it added.The Group of aspirants appeals to the general public of Manipur to continue giving moral and financial support further as before so that the utmost deserving candidates could be selected to serve people of Manipur and to run the administration of the state in an effective and efficient manner. 

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