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Manipur: Citizens in India, abroad contribute for medical expenses of injured students

Johnson, injured student

The volunteers who collected the funds are not affiliated to any political groups, CSOs or organisations. They are just individuals who want to help. Moreover, the monetary contributions were made by many including other ethnic and religious communities from Manipur and other areas.

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Hundreds of concerned citizens in India and abroad have generously contributed to a collective fund for medical expenses to be paid by families of students who were the victims of recent physical assault by the central and the state forces. These students had protested against the brutal killing of two students by the armed Kuki militants.

According to a press note, the funds collected are for the students who were physically harmed by the armed forces using lethal weapons. They got injured in the mass protest held against the abduction and the cold blooded murder of Linthoingambi Hijam (17) and Phijam Hemanjit (20) by the Kuki narco terrorists. Over three hundred Meiteis, Kabui, Tangkhul, Meitei Pangal, Tamil and well wishers from all across the globe collected a sum of Rs 6,74,515 (Six lakh seventy four thousand five hundred and fifteen).The same amount was shared to the severly injured students.

The details of the amount received by a coordination team in Manipur are as follows:

Rs 1,25,405 from Manipur, Rs 70,000 from Europe, Rs 500 from Singapore, Rs 3,000 from Australia, Rs 10,000 from South Africa, Rs 35,610 from various states of India and Rs 4,30,000 from the United States of America and Canada.

The amount was handed over to the eight injured students.

Kishan, injured student

1. Rs 1,63,630 was given to Kishan Loitongbam of Yairipok who has shoulder injury with 40 pellets which are still in his arm.

Johnson, injured student

2. Rs 1,63,630 was given to Johnson Mayanglangbam of Top Khongang Makhong who has lost his vision.

Uttam, injured student

3. Rs 1,33,580 to Uttam Soibam of Liwa Maibam Leikai, who has multiple pellet injuries in his head, face and hand; 58 pellets removed from the right side of his head, some pellets about 30 of them are yet to be removed from the left side; pellets from his hand and trunk are removed; pellets in his face are yet to be removed – referred to be treated outside Manipur

Jotin, injured student

4. Rs 1,33,580 to Jotin Wahengbam of Lilong Arapti, who has blunt trauma in the liver area, may predispose to hernia in old age, since a long incision has been made in the abdomen, and laparotomy done; he is a student studying in Class-8.

Raju, injured student

5. Rs 50,000 to Raju Thangjam of Nambol Khabi, who has face injury, mandible fracture, repaired with iron plates inside.

Santosh, injured student

6. Rs 10,050 to Santosh Asem of Khumbong Makha Leikai, who has faced injury, crack in the maxilla bone.

Pipin, injured student

7. Rs 10,050 to Pipin Takhellambam of Loushangkhong, who has multiple pellet injuries from head to toe; upper limb pellets were removed, lower limb pellets are yet to be removed.

Nungshithoi (Henja), injured student

8. Rs 10,050 to Nungshithoi Leitanthem (Henja Chanu) of Waiton who has blast injury from a tear gas shell, in the leg.

“We are very grateful to everyone who came forward to help the injured students. The most inspiring and humble experience is that the contribution which came in the form of Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 200 from students, aspirants of NEET/ JEE/ NET/ Bank Exams/ Civil Services Exams etc… who are not employed yet. They contributed from the minuscule pocket money which their parents had given them, all for the greater cause of students’ welfare,” said Ringo Pebam, one of the members of volunteers who collected the amount. “The volunteers are not affiliated to any political groups, CSOs or organisations, they are just individuals who want to help. Moreover, there were monetary contributions from other ethnic and religious communities from Manipur and other states”, said Ringo.


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