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GMT: Shareholders warns of going to authorities if money not refunded 

Shareholders of Grow Manipur Team during a press meet

The shareholders organised a meeting on Sunday to discuss the present situation of the GMT crisis and how to get their capitals back from GMT. 

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Shareholders of Grow Manipur Team warned on Sunday of complaining to the police if their capitals are not returned by March 15, 2022.

The shareholders organised a meeting at Keishamthong Irom Pukhri Mapal Community Hall on Sunday to discuss the present situation of the GMT crisis and how to get their capitals back from GMT.

Addressing media persons after the meeting, Okram Surjit, a shareholder, said that after an individual lodged an FIR against Grow Manipur Team accusing its founder Pukhram Maikel Singh of running a Ponzi scheme in May 2021, its downfall began.

After that GMT Grievances Redressal Forum (GRF) and Advance Governance Committee, GMT Manipur (AGC) were formed by the shareholders of GMT and signed an agreement with the family of Pukhram Maikel Singh. According to which, it was agreed that the invested capitals of the shareholders would be returned by March 15, 2022, he said.

Surjit also maintained that there has been no sign of refund of investors’ capitals till now as members of JAC/GRF/AGC are now silent and there has been no intimation or notification from Mikael regarding how the refund will be started by March 15, 2022.

The meeting on Sunday resolved to lodge FIRs against GRF/AGC and Maikel and his families if the agreement is not honoured, he said.

“If the JGRF/AGC had communicated with the shareholders, the meeting would not have been convened, ” he said, while adding that if the members of GRF/AGC colluded with Maikel the shareholders of GMT will take appropriate action against the members.

He also appealed to the state government to book and punish the offenders for running such “unauthorized and illegal” deposit schemes to stop such scams or fraud in our state in future.

Appealing to the people sheltering Mikael to handover him to the relevant authorities, he urged those people to help him refund the investors’ capitals at the earliest understanding the sufferings of the investors.

An aggrieved shareholder who participated in the meeting on Sunday said that the shareholders are unable to contact Maikel for some time now.

“Whenever there used to be a meeting of GMT shareholders, Maikel used to say ‘GMT’ and we used to respond ‘Let’s grow together’. Now, I would like to appeal to Maikel to come out so that we can grow together,” he said.


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