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CorCom boycotts PM Modi’s visit to Manipur, declares total shutdown

FILE PHOTO: PM Narendra Modi at the public meeting in Imphal.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is slated to visit the poll bound state on February 22. 

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The proscribed umbrella outfit Coordination Committee (CorCom) announced total shutdown in Manipur, boycotting the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The shutdown will come into effect from 1 am of February 22, till the prime minister leaves the state. Health emergencies, essential services and customary functions will be exempted, CorCom said in a release.

The release by the Publicity Committee of CorCom maintained that the prime minister’s visit in connection with the upcoming election in the state is further the “imperialist” policies of India.

Stating that Narendra Modi’s visit is not to grant independence to Manipur (Kangleipak) or to provide new aspirations as in other independent countries, CorCom asserted that the visit is meant to deceive other countries showing that the people of Manipur are living independently. It is to continue the “forced election” that has been going on for several decades, it added.

CorCom said that Narendra Modi is not the first prime minister to visit the state and further such policies, while adding that other leaders of different political parties are also campaigning for the assembly election and trying to woo the voters by pumping huge money.

“But the election is not going to provide the long standing demand of independence of the people of Manipur (Kangleipak). Forget independence, the state governments that have been formed were not able to protect the lives of the people and safeguard the unity of the people,” it said.

The umbrella outfit also alleged that the manifestos of the political parties neither guarantee the safeguard of land and people of Manipur nor any hope for a peaceful and prosperous future. Even if it is mentioned they are lying to the people and it will not be materialized, it added.

Contending that the election is a conspiracy to instill more love for India then Manipur (Kangleipak), CorCom alleged that serious efforts have been made to make the people forget about Manipur (Kangleipak) and become “Hindustani”. The people of Manipur who are “yearning for independence” won’t succumb to the lies that the elections are being held for the betterment of Manipur, it added.

CorCom further said that the so-called election offices opened by the candidates are becoming a centre where illicit substances are easily available. Not just those youths who are grappling with the widespread use of such substances, but many are using it for the first time owing to this new trend. Knowingly or otherwise, the candidates are destroying the future of Manipur and it will continue till the election results are announced, it added.

Stating that the candidates and its followers are committing several crimes to grab power, CorCom said that even though such people try to hide, everyone knows them and the enmity continues even after the elections are over. The outfit also condemned the widespread use of huge amounts of money in the elections, stating that it has degraded the dignity and integrity of the voters.

CorCom further said preparations for a huge turnout to receive Prime Minister Narendra Modi have already been made by local leaders flouting COVID protocols, and asked the people whether we should warmly welcome the leader of India just for their individual gains.

“We should not support the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” said CorCom while urging the people to boycott the visit.

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