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Flag and Constitution: ‘Our political identity can never be compromised’, says NSCN (I-M) chairman

FILE: NSCN (I-M) chairman Q Tuccu

We have applied “historical and political intuition” while signing the Framework agreement. Unfortunately, there are forces at work who are trying to undermine the political significance of the agreement by giving wrongful interpretation, says NSCN (I-M) chairman Q Tuccu

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Chairman of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim or the NSCN (I-M) Q Tuccu on Tuesday stated that Naga political identity can never be compromised for the “sweet morsel” in the name of Naga political settlement.

Addressing the Naga National Assembly on Tuesday, Q Tuccu said that After more than seven (7) decades of freedom movement, Nagas are now faced with the political exigencies that compelled them to call for a National Assembly as the pressing situation prompted them to reaffirm their stand after Government of India expressed its opposition to honour the usage of Naga National identity symbolized by Flag and Constitution.

He asked, “How can we forfeit Naga National Flag and Naga Constitution in the name of Naga political solution? What belongs to us that define our political identity can never be compromised for the sweet morsel in the name of Naga political settlement. We cannot be made a laughing stock before the world by tamely succumbing to pressure or temptation”.

In August 3, 2015, the historic Framework Agreement with “deep political insight” taking into consideration the Naga people’s sovereign rights and dignity, said Tuccu.

“We have applied our historical and political intuition while signing the agreement. Unfortunately, there are forces at work who are trying to undermine the political significance of Framework Agreement by giving wrongful interpretation with bewildering comments to suit their selfish agenda in collusion with the Government of India. Naga people’s sovereign identity is very prominently reflected in the Framework Agreement. That much care we have taken and not the other way round as maliciously propagated by few political leaders that Naga flag and constitution, including integration are not mentioned in Framework Agreement”, stated Tuccu.

He said that every attempt is being made to confuse the Naga people on the political significance of Framework Agreement where the future of Naga political journey is laid out.

“We have come across the stand of the Government of India on the core issues of Naga National Flag, Constitution and integration and echoed by some Naga leaders. We have also seen how some Naga political leaders have expressed their derisive attitude towards the Framework Agreement. These people had stoop themselves so low to pass demeaning and unhealthy comments against the sanctity of Naga political issue after they gathered the subtle hints from their Delhi based bosses. We cannot allow these people to defile Naga political issue by bringing another Naga political agreement with flattering promised as done in the past”, said the chairman.

The past record of political agreements with India has given the Nagas bitter lessons and they have to stand guard against any accord that betrayed Naga rights and national identity, he said.

The NSCN (I-M) chairman said that Naga “National forefathers” gave up the pleasures of their lives to set the footprints for us so that the Nagas can live in their land “Nagalim” where Naga rights and national political identity are not taken away by any force on earth.

He said that Nagas have come this far because of the inspirations and visionary leadership shown by the forefathers. “Therefore, the story of Naga political struggle, courage and valour shown by our resilient patriots and freedom fighters should never be allowed to end up in the manner that betrayed them”, said the chairman.

“Today, the hour of reckoning has come. This is the moment of truth we have to face. Hundreds of thousands have given their lives for the Naga’s freedom and responsibility is heaped upon the shoulders of NSCN to fulfill their prayers and dreams for the honourable Naga political settlement with the Naga National flag flying high. We have to prove ourselves before God and before the Naga people and the whole world that we the NSCN members, the frontline torch bearers if Naga political movement shall stand the ground till the last man standing in defence of our God’s given rights” said Tuccu.

Stating that it was a momentous occasion which will decide the future of the Naga nation for years to come. “So let us take into conscious account every single word that we have to deliberate today. No turning away from the stand we have taken today. Let us, however, believe that “we shall overcome someday”

Meanwhile, the Naga National Assembly also resolved and proclaimed that Third Sunday in October every year will be observed as the Naga National Prayer Day.

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