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Drug abuse: Need of the hour to save the youth


“Educating and supporting our youth is the best way to invest in a prosperous future”.John Adriance

By Shahidur Rahman

Youth is a phase and an involvement which will shape an individual’s level of reliance, which can be checked in different ways concurring to diverse social points of view. Individual involvement is stamped by an individual’s social standards or conventions, whereas a youth’s level of reliance implies the degree to which they still depend on their family emotionally and financially. The youth are the spine of a society and hence they decide the long run of any given society. This is often since all other age bunches, the kids, youngsters, centre matured and the senior citizens rely on the youth and anticipate a parcel from them. This makes the youth to be an imperative age gather in both today’s society and long run society than other age bunches. Subsequently, due to the tall reliance on youth within the society, we the youth have a part to play since long haul of our families, communities and the nation lies in our hands.

Contribution of Youth in Society

The part of the youth is basically to resume, revive and keep up. Youth have a part to resume and revive the current status of our society counting administration, developments, aptitudes etc. Youth are anticipated to development the current innovation, instruction, legislative issues, peace of the country. On the other hand, adolescents have moreover to preserve the culture of our culture, all great values within the societies, development ventures, etc. The youth is imperative since they will be our future. Nowadays they may be our accomplices, tomorrow they will go on to become leaders. The young people are exceptionally enthusiastic and enthusiastic. They have the capacity to memorize and adjust to the environment. Essentially, they are willing to memorize and act on it as well to realize their goals. Our youth can bring social change and advancement in society. We cannot make do without the youth of a nation. Moreover, the country requires their support to realize the objectives and offer assistance in taking the nation towards advance.

Likewise, we tend to see however the event of any country needs active participation from the youth. It doesn’t matter that field we would like to progress in, whether or not it’s the technical field or sports field, youth is required.

  Challenges Faced by youth

Today’s youth are confronting numerous issues. A few of them are Stress & Time Management Overseeing the weight to succeed in each region of life and finding time to do it all appears to be one of the greatest challenges confronting the youth nowadays. Youthful individuals are anticipated to be effective, however few of them are mindful of viable time management. Political & Social Issues Understanding what goes on around the world and finding one’s possessed supposition on the social and political issues may be a big challenge for the youth, who battle to distinguish between “good” and “bad” news sources and discover their way within the mud of today’s world. Education Inequality Distinctive bunches of youthful individuals appear to have unequal get to legitimate instruction and all through the world, there have been nonstop endeavours at changing instruction at all levels. Still, concurring to the World Disparity Database on Instruction, more than 25% of children around the world have never been to primary school.

The issue of abuse drug among the youth is expanding day by day. The young people are topping the charts for the off-base reasons this time around. As of late numerous college-going boys and young ladies were pulled up by the police included within the case of abuse drugs. In spite of the fact that no precise figures are accessible to degree the genuine degree of the issue, drug addicts reporting to counseling within the nation focuses out that the issue has spread among different age bunches, and much among young people matured 16 to 25 years. The age gathers in which a youth is, means the change of a pre-adult to a youthful individual, which as a rule is went with the trials and tribulations of a ‘child’ in getting to be a ‘grown-up’. The young people are more inquisitive now-a-days. A bundle of rich but directionless vitality, he determines joy in taking dangers and testing with unused things. Young people are as it were attempting things since of their companions. Being afraid of peer turning their backs on you could be a cause of peer weight. They are attempting out this fair since they knew as of now approximately it through their guardians or relatives. They are influenced not as it were through their companions but moreover through their environment.

There are a number of reasons why youth and young people are dependent to drugs or related substances. Here are a few of the causes—

High Level Stress: Youthful individuals who have fair begun their college life or moved to a new city in look of work regularly confront issues with life alter. They are more likely to lighten push through the utilize of drugs and comparative substances. Finding a simple settle frequently appears less demanding than confronting the genuine issue and managing with it. Attempting illicit drugs can lead to enslavement and gets to be a long-term propensity.

Social Pressure: Nowadays, we are living in an exceedingly competitive world and it is troublesome to develop in such world. There’s continuously a peer weight in youthful and old people. Be that as it may, it is never unmistakable. A part of youthful individuals anticipates to encounter the weight to utilize drugs, smoke and drink liquor. Youthful individuals discover it troublesome to be the individual who doesn’t drink or smoke. As they feel disconnected and like a social outsider, they make a propensity of taking drugs.

Mental Health Conditions: Another essential reason for attempting drugs is mental well being condition. Individuals who are candidly weaker tend to feel discouraged approximately the realities of the world. They search for ways to feel free and live life in an ordinary way as they go through the period of developing up. In such circumstance, they make a propensity of taking drugs and can lead to habit.

Some of the measures to control drug abuse

Learn to Deal with Life’s Pressures: The failure to deal with ordinary life weights is one of the major reasons that drive individuals to drugs and liquor. For numerous individuals, drugs and liquor utilization may be a way to escape the unforgiving substances of life. Learning to manage with life’s weights will go a long way when it comes to making a difference individual remain absent from drugs and liquor.

Don’t give in to Peer Pressure: A few individuals, especially youngsters and youthful grown-ups, try with drugs fair to depict a cool picture before others. They do it to fit in among their circle of companions. A few kids wrongly accept that doing drugs or devouring liquor will make them more worthy and well known with other kids. Not giving into peer weight can and will avoid medicate compulsion.

Develop Close Family Ties: Research demonstrates that individuals who share a close relationship with their families are less likely to ended up drug addicts. The direction and bolster given by the family makes it simpler for an individual to deal with life weights and remain absent from all sorts of hurtful substances. The same is genuine for having a close relationship with great companions that are capable and reliable.

Effect of Drug abuse in Life and Family

When a family is attempting to adapt with a loved one who is battling with an addiction, they tend to encounter seriously and conflicting feelings that can take a noteworthy toll on indeed the most grounded of relationships. The addict’s family understands that their loved one isn’t attempting to cause problems or hurt them intentionally. This compassion makes them need to supply him or her with back, adore, and encouragement. On the other hand, the manipulation, deceit, and other forms of emotional abuse that the addict throws their way every day could be a cause of torment and disappointment within the family. As a result, these negative feelings show themselves in undesirable ways and may cause a strain in family ties.

The scourge of drug abuse is personal at a level, leaving a tragic scar to all concerned. A childhood friend of mine who has fallen victim to substance abuse has devastated not as it were his beloved family like has devastated family but moreover his close friends like me. As a promising youth, he went outside Manipur to pursue MBBS course. Be that as it may, in an awful turn of events, he has fallen prey to drug abuse without ever completing MBBS course indeed after investing ten a long year on it.

Social awareness desperately needed support to drug abuse

Social awareness support to drug abuse to drug abuse volunteering your time with local organizations may be an extraordinary way to raise awareness around drug and alcohol abuse, prevention and treatment. Millions of lives have been touched through the occasions that raise awareness approximately compulsion and the generosity of individual donations. Drug and alcohol abuse could be a growing trend among college students. Instead of playing capture up, college campuses are working to urge ahead by advertising classes and bunches that talk about the dangers of addiction. A few schools are getting inventive with their endeavours through entertainment. For occasion, exercises like intramural sports, motion picture evenings and other social occasions offer understudies ways to have fun outside of the classroom.

Suggestive measures to eradicate drug abuses

Basically, requires incite restorative consideration, close reconnaissance from the family and restoration programs for ex-drug takers beneath direction of social or government organizations. The long-term objectives of combating drug abuse incorporate avoidance, treatment and restoration of drug abuser. Community, social organizations and Service of welfare are fundamentally concerned with avoidance and recovery angles of drug abusers. Preventive procedures ought to advance programs for making drug awareness and around in general antagonistic results of drugs of mishandle; distinguishing and persuading drug abusers to acknowledge counseling and detoxification programs; undertaking drawn out take after up for keeping up drug free life; and chalking out restoration programs in ex-drug takers for their social integration. The Service of welfare ought to set up more counseling and de-addiction centres at the side restoration programs for the addicts.

(Shahidur Rahman is a resident of Hatta Golapati, Imphal East Manipur. He is an advocate by profession currently pursuing LLM from Manipur University.)

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