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Class XI admission: Recommendation letters of Ministers, MLAs flood schools

The press meet was held at KSA’s office in Khuyathong on Wednesday,

Kangleipak Students’ Association urged authority to stop this practice immediately and ensure fairness in ongoing admission process

TFM News Service

Pressure mounted on some sought-after higher secondary schools with recommendation letters from Ministers, MLAs and officers seeking admission for wards of their kith and kin, said Kangleipak Students’ Association (KSA). The students’ body urged authorities to stop this practice immediately.

In a press conference held at KSA’s office in Khuyathong on Wednesday, association’s HRD secretary Sanjoy Khullakpam said due to the Covid pandemic, BOSEM and COHSEM cancelled board examinations for Class X and Class XII this year and promoted all students. As a high pass percentage was registered this year, many students are rushing to renowned higher secondary schools in the state for admission. Several students, whose marks fall short of the cut-off set by these schools for Class XI admission, were left high and dry, he added.

Amid this chaos, some ministers, MLAs and officers submitted DO letters and called school offices to ask for admissions of wards of their relatives and friends, he said. Expressing suspicion about the fairness of the ongoing admission process, he said such directives from higher-up officers and politicians might have influenced admission decisions.

Dubbing it a setback for the students, he said authority should show a sincere commitment to fairness instead of promoting nepotism in the admission process. Urging school authorities to admit students as per their laid down criteria, he said politicians are trying to score political mileage out of such DO letters ahead of the election.

He further said though nine high schools have been upgraded to higher secondary, no admission process for class XI has been initiated. He urged the government to give equal attention to all schools as it does in some schools in Imphal. He also appealed to students to apply to other government schools for admission instead of opting for a select few.

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