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Forced election is aimed at showcasing India’s belief in continuous repression: PREPAK (Pro)


While sharing its thought on the ensuing Manipur election, PREPAK (Pro) contended that the 176 candidates in the fray are investing huge amounts of money – between Rs 1 crore and Rs 50 crore, altogether Rs 3,000 crore – to become an MLA.

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The proscribed armed outfit, People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (Progressive), has slammed the upcoming election and the campaigns leading up to it, terming it as a “fraudulent election”. It also urged the people to press the “None of the above” (NOTA) button to register their distrust in the election.

Although choosing the right candidate that as per one’s desire is an important aspect of democracy, the prevailing trend of campaigning – rampant use of drugs and creating enmity amongst different groups of people – shows that the ‘Democratic Elections’ of India is filled with flaws, stated a statement by PREPAK (Pro) ‘Assistant Publicity Secretary’ Th Eshingchaoba on Saturday.

The outfit contended that the upcoming election is a process to ‘select’ the worst person amongst the candidates, as a representative of the people. The “fraudulent election” is going to choose the worst amongst the corrupted and criminals, and the people will also remain silent spectators when choosing the one to “oppress” them, the outlawed outfit asserted.

Flagging that there are many candidates with criminal antecedents in the fray, PREPAK (Pro) expressed said, “the shocking part is that those who are coming out on the pretext of serving the people, are encouraged to cause harm to each other”. Yet the people also willingly choose such persons to let them oppress them for the next five years.

PREPAK (Pro) further contended that the 176 candidates in the fray are investing huge amounts of money – between Rs 1 crore and Rs 50 crore, altogether Rs 3,000 crore – to become an MLA. Instead of wasting such amounts of money on drugs, alcohol or hiring gangs, it would have been more productive, had it been been invested in big companies or banks or developing infrastructure to attain self-sufficient food produce.

The armed outfit also criticised the trend of switching political parties at the drop of a hat, stating that such MLAs are best described by the saying “Aaya Ram, Gaya Ram”. Is anyone campaigning to sit in the opposition and promising to fight tooth and nail against the government for the rights of the people, PREPAK (Pro) asked.

“The toxic mentality that a representative means choosing someone to become a minister in the party forming the government only suggests that the Indian democratic election is a game of grabbing power to suppress the power”, it asserted.

PREPAK (Pro) also urged the people not to believe in such elections, and contended that the elections are being conducted, using unfair means, to show the world that the people of Manipur still have faith in the “Indian political system”, whereby suppressing the “liberation” movement born out of the 1949 “annexation” of Manipur by India.

Stating that Hitler also rose to power through elections, PREPAK (Pro) maintained that if one masters “The Art of Voting and Winning”, one can easily grab political power, but the difficult part is the “Administrative Art”. When the politicians and political parties remain undemocratic, elections will remain meaningless. When the candidates are free to say and do whatever they want, it will become a “free but not fair election”.

Stating that the “Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)” has termed India as a “flawed” democracy, PREPAK (Pro) urged the people to ponder upon the prevailing situation and not to let go of the chance to teach lessons to the candidates blinded with power. Urging not to believe in such an election, the outfit urged the people, if they have no choice, to press NOTA to register their distrust in the candidates and the election.

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