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Announcement for Writing Competition commemorating Irabot Day on September 30, 2022



Dear parents, teachers, elders and leaders,

We would like to encourage our teenagers and youths to explore, study and express the following concepts. Many of them may not be aware of it. But it is important to know it. These are concepts relevant to the functioning of the existing “political economy” that affect us. There is no route to escape from it. But we can change it for a better future. To change it, we must know it. To know it, there are concepts that must be properly understood. Unless we know those concepts, we will not be able to either explain the perplexing problems or come up with a durable solution.

The young minds, i.e., the potential progressive force of the future, must be encouraged to know these concepts to enable them to better understand the “system” that governs them. These are concepts, that are either not taught in schools or not compulsory for all across disciplines in higher education to learn. We, therefore, on the occasion of commemorating Irabot Day on September 30, 2022, encourage our teenagers and youths, to take part in the writing competition as a preliminary introductory step of learning these concepts. For any assistance, send message to WhatsApp Contact: +918447342687.

Submit application form at:

Organising team.

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