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Absconding conman Kanarjit finally lands in police net

Kangujam Kanarjit aka Dr KK Singh with police personnel during the time of arrest

Kangujam Kanarjit aka Dr KK Singh fled from Manipur and the Chief Judicial Magistrate of Imphal East had announced Kanarjit as an absconder on April 25, 2016 on criminal case number 37 of 2015 charged under section 406/417/420/427/120-B/120-A/107/34.

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Kangujam Kanarjit aka Dr KK Singh was arrested on Monday in Delhi by the Delhi Police Special Cell and Manipur police in a joint operation.

Father of child activist Licypriya Kangujam, Kangujam Kanarjit is known for forging documents, signatures and presenting a larger-than-life image of himself. He had collected funds and fees from national and international students in the name of international youth committees. (IYC) organising youth meets and other seminars, relief for earthquake victims and the list goes on.

He fled from Manipur and the Chief Judicial Magistrate of Imphal East had announced Kanarjit as an absconder on April 25, 2016 on criminal case number 37 of 2015 charged under section 406/417/420/427/120-B/120-A/107/34.

Earlier in Manipur, Kangujam Kanarjit used to travel in a white Maruti 1000 car with a flag post claiming that he is representative of the United Nations, his jacket also displayed a number of badges which he adorned all the time.  Back in 2015, he had organised a conference at Imphal East City Convention Centre and around 400 people, including representatives from Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan etc, attended this conference.

He had promised to pay allowances to the visiting foreign students which were not paid. He also did not clear the dues owed to the local suppliers and contractors for the food and lodgings, photography, videography and souvenir making for the conference. It was at this time that some of those persons who had not been paid approached this reporter with a complaint that they had been swindled. Later, a series of reports were published starting May 24, 2015 on the pages of the Imphal Free Press highlighting his criminal activities. He had claimed that he would be given an award of a Global Youth Icon along with child activist Malala Yousafzai. He had told a vernacular that Aung San Suu Kyi and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be attending in his next conference. His claims never happened and his award was cancelled after the expose.

He had collected 40 per cent from the suppliers and contractors as an advance deposit and said that the money owed to them would be given out shortly after the convention concluded. Rather than giving out the liabilities, he did not even give back the deposited amount and several charges of cheating were filed against him with the police. One of his most daring criminal offenses was when he sold off a building where he was staying as a tenant. The rented building was housing the Club 25 International (a blood donation organisation) office near Porompat crossing at a ground plus one floor building near the roadside. He had managed to get the documents of the property from the owner on the pretext that he needed them as sanction was to be released from an international agency for paying the rent.

After he failed to clear his rent dues, he vacated the office in late 2015. The owner of the building was taken aback when some persons came to inspect the building and told the real owner that the building was bought by them. The stunned owner had filed a case and registered a report to the police bearing report number 25(1) 2016 PRT under section 120-B/418/419/465/468/474 of the Indian Penal Code. Police sources stated that Kanarjit had sold the building on the sly by manipulating documents in the Settlement department. He had brought an unidentified woman to pose as the wife of the real owner, under whose name the property was registered. On top of that it was found out that he had sold the property to not only one person but to two individuals. As per a source, one buyer was from Kakhulong and another from Haobam Marak.

Later, Kanarjit was arrested by Porompat police on January 4, 2016 following a complaint lodged by one S Krishnadutta Sharma of Khongman Mangjil. Sharma was a caterer and had provided food for the Global Youth Meet held from February 20 to 25, 2014. His outstanding bill was Rs 19,76,120, which was not cleared by Kanarjit.

After Kanarjit fled Manipur, he started his organisation again in Delhi as per his last webpage address. His last known residence was at Odisha and he travels under the name KK Singh in his passport. Kanarjit had fled with his family, including wife and daughter. His daughter is no other than Licypriya Kangujam.

Licypriya started advocating against climate change in July 2018.  On 21 June 2019 inspired by the climate activist Greta Thunberg, Licypriya started spending a week outside the Indian Parliament House to draw the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Kanarjit’s daughter then took centre stage by posing with a pamphlet advocating against climate change.

Sources also claimed that her tweets and Facebook account are handled by her father and the replies and updates are mostly done by him. People also question why aside from e-mail and Facebook messenger Licypriya does not have a contact number, where she goes to school and which grade she is in, what her address is and what is her family doing for a living. Mostly, why her parents are not coming out openly as their daughter is a globally renowned child activist and why the cloak and dagger stuff? People also question how a kid can write such elaborate ‘mature’ texts on social media. Sources said that it is her father who usually handles all her uploads and messages and leads to the possibility that Kanarjit is firing from her daughter Lycipriya’s shoulder.

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