Ukhrul observes World Heart Day

By FrontierManipur | Published On 12th Oct, 2021, 09:37 GMT+0530

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CMO of Ukhrul, Dr Kapangring A Shimray stated that “coronary heart disease has taken so many lives. Due to lack of physical exercise, use of tobacco and lack of balanced diet are the causes of heart disease.”

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Under the theme “Use Heart to Connect with Your Heart” the District Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Cell, District Health Society of Ukhrul District observed World Heart Day at Mini Secretariat Complex, Ukhrul.

Deputy Commissioner of Ukhrul, Krishna Kumar, who is also the Chairman of District Health Society, Ukhrul stated that “I have deep appreciation and respect to our doctors. We generally assumed our life is at a safe hand whenever we are treated by doctors. A doctor is assumed as next to God and that is the kind of faith we have in our doctors.

“The kind of service provided by the health workers in Covid-19 pandemic times is beyond imagination. However, it is the Covid-19 vaccine that will save the lives of any individual from Covid-19. I urged people of Ukhrul to come forward and get the vaccination at the earliest.”

Krishna Kumar also suggested preparing a short clip of video about the information on heart diseases and circulate on social media so that it could be helpful to the people of Ukhrul and at the same time save precious lives.

CMO of Ukhrul, Dr Kapangring A Shimray stated that “coronary heart disease has taken so many lives. Due to lack of physical exercise, use of tobacco and lack of balanced diet are the causes of heart disease.” The World Heart Day was supposed to be observed on September 29 but due to other various problems, it was postponed and observed on Tuesday.  He informed that many people from Ukhrul District have died because of Covid-19. Refusing treatment and being hesitant to take Covid-19 vaccine as the main factor.

Medical Superintendent of Ukhrul District Hospital, Dr Reisangmi Raikhan stated that “In a year, 18 million people are dying due to heart disease. Our lifestyles have got to do so much with our heart disease. Physical inactivity, excessive drinking and smoking, eating red meat and oily foods are the main causes of heart disease. Timely diagnose could help in saving many lives and suggest for a regular check-up of blood pressure and blood sugar level.”

Resource person of the programme, Dr Stephen L Daimei (Specialist Medicine) stated that “World Heart Day is observed as a reminder to all of us and also to promote healthy living so that we can prevent early onset of heart disease. It is important to change our lifestyle and food habits. Weight control is very important. For a person who is 45 years and above it is suggested to check their blood sugar level and blood pressure once a year. Oily foods should be avoided to prevent the early onset of heart diseases.

Dr Stephen L Daimei suggested eating fresh fruits and vegetables as these act as an antioxidant in our body and help us in preventing the deposit of unwanted cholesterol. Regular exercise keeps our heart healthy by keeping our blood flow regularly and prevent the clogging of blood vessels. 30 minutes of a brisk walk, 5 days a week should be maintained to keep our heart healthy.

He also said that chest pain associated with sweating and increase heartbeat is a symptom of heart attack. In case of heart attack, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) must be administered by pumping the heart 15 times followed by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The programme was attended by DLOs of different departments operating in Ukhrul. On the spot, blood sugar level test, blood pressure check and electrocardiogram (ECG) test and doctor consultation were also carried out.

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