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TKS questions altering of specification for construction of academic block, Pettigrew College, Ukhrul


An engineer from MOBEDS informed a gathering that the higher ups have directed them to alter the specification given in the Detailed Project Report (DPR) and added that Technical Sanction (TS) prevails over the DPR.

TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS), the apex student body of Tangkhul community has questioned the chief engineer of Manipur Minorities and OBC Economic Development Society (MOBEDS) for altering the specification of works for the ongoing construction of Academic Block of Pettigrew College at Ukhrul.

Hunphun Katamnao Long (HKL), Hunphun Village Authority and All Hunphun Tang Association (AHTA) members inspected the construction on May 11, 2022

With the imbroglio surrounding the construction of Academic Block and Main Gate of Pettigrew College, Ukhrul, a joint meeting was held on Friday at the Conference Hall of Pettigrew College. The meeting was attended by representatives of TKS, HKL, AHTA, Hunphun Village Authority, Pettigrew College, an engineer from MOBEDS and the sub-contractor.

It is worth mentioning that on May 11, 2022, representatives of Hunphun Katamnao Long (HKL), All Hunphun Tang Association (AHTA) and Hunphun Village Authority after inspecting the ongoing work had directed that no further work should be carried forward until the responsible authority rectifies the same.

According to HKL and AHTA, as per the DPR, the iron rod to be used for the foundation of the pillar is 30mm. But the construction workers is using 20mm. This is one of the points of contention apart from the reduction in size and used of substandard materials including sands.

Engineer from MOBEDS informed the gathering that the higher ups have directed to alter the specification given in the Detailed Project Report (DPR) and added that Technical Sanction (TS) prevails over the DPR. In this regard President of TKS, Shimri Raising questioned “Who authorized the Engineer or Contractor to alter the specification and on what ground? We are of the opinion that the construction has to be carried out as per the DPR. But you have claimed that the work should be carried out as per Technical Sanction.” The Engineer answered that the order comes from the Chief Engineer of MOBEDS.

President of TKS, Shimri Raising continued “now it has come to our knowledge that there are lapses in the ongoing construction of Academic Block of Pettigrew College. HKL is one of the federating units of TKS and has inspected the work site and has found that there are many faults. Moreover, the Engineer and Sub-Contractor present on Friday had admitted the lapses. Therefore, there is an urgent need to have another meeting at the earliest in the presence of Chief Engineer of MOBEDS.”

TKS has called for a joint meeting on May 17, 2022 with Chief Engineer of MOBEDS and urged the concerned authority to produce the DPR and Technical Sanction on the day of the meeting.

President of HKL, Ngaworpei Ragui informed the gathering that “HKL have been fervently seeking the cooperation of the engineer and contractor. We were told on the phone that Chief Engineer will visit Ukhrul and will surely meet the Union. However, such meeting never happened till date.”

During the meeting Sub-Contractor, Hemanta stated that he has to consider his profit and at one point of time even mentioned that he did not want to continue with the project. To this, TKS President reminded Hemanta not to regard this project only from profit point of view. Shimri Raising added “we have been wishing for a good building for a long time as it is the only Government College in Ukhrul District. It is the wish of the whole Tangkhul community that the Pettigrew College, the second oldest college in Manipur is equipped with proper infrastructure. TKS will not compromise with the quality of any project that will be taken up at Pettigrew College.”

Construction of Academic Block and Main Gate at Pettigrew College, Ukhrul was awarded to Y Sunil Singh of Keishamthong Thangjam Leirak, Imphal West on December 4, 2021 by the Manipur Minorities And OBC Economic Development Society (MOBEDS), an autonomous body under the Department of MA/OBC & SC, Government of Manipur at an estimated cost of Rs 14, 98,15, 250/ (Fourteen Crore Ninety Eight Lakh Fifteen Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty) with a duration of 18 months to complete the same work.

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