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Startup Manipur: Shirin Products’ FB post ruffles feathers, planning dept calls it baseless


Director, Planning, Government of Manipur put the records straight and asked Shirin Products to withdraw her post on Facebook.

TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

Manipur government’s planning department Wednesday issued a clarification on Shirin Products’ Facebook post in connection with Startup Manipur. Putting the records straight, the department said the statement shared in the FACEBOOK is baseless and asked Shirin Products to withdraw her posting on Facebook.”

Shirin Products has posted on its Facebook page saying that “Almost cent percent of food processing units are run by the Tribals of the Hills. Almost non are the beneficiaries of the so-called StartupManipur. StartUp Manipur Idea Stage was to be given in grants as mentioned in their website amounting to Rs 3 lakhs worth.

“We went down to Imphal only to find out we will be getting only 30K, the bonus point was that we need to pay it back in terms of loan. I checked the list again of the selected candidates, almost non are tribals. @Cm Manipur. Respected Sir, @Shirin products has been running for such a long time and has provided numerous products and employment, also received one of the renowned VIJAYALAKSHMI ENTREPRENEURSHIP award 2020 under micro section in the Capital.

For whom is the Startup grants and loans for? Is it for those who sat back homies who wear enchanting rings and nail polishes? Honourable CM, this has to come to light and we demand that there be better opportunities for the deserved ones in the coming future. The beneficiaries who are eligible should avail it, not those who don’t have projects or products,” read

District Administration, Ukhrul Facebook page on October 27, 2021 posted a clarification report received from the Director, Planning, Government of Manipur regarding Shirin Products’ Facebook post.

The clarification said “Idea stage category looks for individuals who have any innovative business ideas which can be new services or product / new technology applications or business processes/ business models, which can be converted into scalable business.

The department said, “From 2020 -21 onwards, it has been decided to restrict the selection of innovative business ideas, so as to enable them to get recognition and benefit under the Government of India’s Startup scheme. However, a new sub-category of Idea Stage has been added as a special COVID pandemic economic support to the existing small business/ trade under Manipur Startup Scheme for the year 2020 -21.”

It informed that for the selection of Idea stage startups, a committee was constituted consisting of Director (IT), Director (Textile), Director (Fishery), Director (Vety & AH), Director (Science & Tech), and representatives from successful business firms which is chaired by Director (Planning).

The department also said while conducting interviews, Director, Planning had briefed all the candidates about the interview and shared that most common of the business type viz. food processing, fishery, grocery, livestock rearing like piggery/ duckery/Poultry, weaving & handloom, etc may not be considered as innovative idea, and the candidates were asked to pitch their business idea, if considered innovative.

“Selection committee on examining the innovation, and if found satisfactory, the committee calls for another round of interviews wherein the candidates make a presentation about the business before a group of panel chaired by Director, Planning. The final selection on innovation is based on this presentation. The selected candidates are put under Idea Stage (Innovation) with a financial support of Rs. 3.00 lakh in two installments (Rs.1.5 lakh each) under Idea stage,” it said.

The department further said that if the committee is not convinced about the innovation but found the business are genuinely affected by CORONA pandemic, then the committee may opt for the other Idea stage category (CORONA pandemic economic package to boost the existing business) with a financial support per beneficiary of Rs.1 Lakh (30% subsidy component and 70% loan component). Rs.30 thousand each is being released to 4500 beneficiaries as first installment. This sanction can be enhanced to Rs.3 lakh with Rs1 lakh subsidy component based on the business performance.

This year, only 40 startups are selected under Idea Stage category (innovation) and two (2) of them are Tribal hailing from Tengnoupal and Churachandpur with 100% grants of Rs. 3.00 lakh at two installments (Rs.1.5 lakh each), it added.

On Shirin Products, the department said the firm is an existing food processing unit and it is eligible for Revenue and Standup (ST/SC/Minority/Women/ Differently abled) but it has registered under the Idea stage category.

During the interview, Shrirn products could not convince the committee about the innovation, but considering her recognition received, hard work and impact of business activities by CORONA, the Committee has selected under the new sub-category of Idea Stage CORONA pandemic economic package to boost the existing business, it added.

The department also said that food processing is one of the common business types submitted by candidates under Startup Manipur. If she has applied under Revenue or Standup Category, the firm may get financial support of maximum upto Rs. 1 Crore (30% subsidy, 65% loan and 5% Margin Money).

Shirin Products may withdraw its selection under Idea stage and freshly apply for Revenue or Standup Category if the firms need more financial support from the Government, it added.

The department further said online registration is open on the website throughout the year from 2020 -21. The Planning Department also organized outreach programs for Churachandpur, Pherzawl, Ukhrul and Kamjong districts so that more candidates from the interior hilly regions can also apply for the benefit. Advertisement for registration is also given in many local newspapers for bigger coverage.

Stating that selection of more candidates from valley districts is wrong and baseless, the department 4,540 candidates were selected under Idea Stage out of 6,877 candidates present for the interview, which is 66%; in hill districts 80% and in valley districts 65%. If the awareness/ information about the startup is not reaching the remote hilly regions, the Planning department can organize more outreach programs in future, it added.

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