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‘Retrospect and introspect’ says Temjen Imna Along

Temjen Imna Along speaking at the programme

The minister called upon the young minds to work hard and be committed to Nagaland’s efforts in building a robust state.

By Imna Longchar, TFM Nagaland Correspondent


Nagaland Minister for Higher Education, and Tribal Affairs, Temjen Imna Along, on Friday, reminded all the 16 tribes of Nagaland and its citizens that it is a time for everyone to “retrospect and introspect” in lives.

Speaking as the special guest at the inaugural function of the 2nd edition of All Nagaland Open Volleyball tournament organized by Horua Welfare Society (HWS) at Indisen public ground, Dimapur, Imna Along said that it is also a time for every individual to choose to work hard, to achieve and to be committed in all endeavours and to be persistent in all efforts towards.

Stating that the Nagas are “lazy and non-committed” where they have lost their vision to be as a “people”, Imna Along felt it is the reason that gives birth to many “anarchy and chaos” in the State.

“Everyone wants a platform, so many unions and NGOs have started, everyone wants to be a leader and be popular to become heroes in different ways”, said Imna Along.

Mentioning that the people of the State should be known for hardworking, for its commitment towards entrepreneurship, sportspersons and for collective efforts in building the state, the minister also lauded the society for its commendable initiatives by complementing that small efforts would lead to very big great plans and the small efforts would lead to a very assertive leadership in days ahead if one is consistent.

While encouraging the “best of the best” to the participating nine teams from across the State, Imna Along, encouraged the players to play assertively with a vision and spirit of true sportsmanship along with a commitment to make their family, the state and the nation proud.

With the many Naga talents in sports, the Minister envisioned the talented Naga young minds in representing the Country in Asian Games, South Asian Games and even in the Olympics for which he was of the view that a commitment towards hard work is needed.

Also stating that being proud to be a tribal, the Nagas talk about so many great things, but he lamented the people having another shade which is they are not hardworking, an ego which is greater than a commitment to its people, and trajectory of “anger” which is faster a “trigger”, has become “uncommitted” in all its approach.

The minister later called upon the young minds to work hard, to be committed in nation-building, towards State’s efforts in building a robust State for which he felt it cannot be done alone for according to him, the government is “you, me and us”.

Imna Along also said that the government has many commitments and dreams towards its people, parents, and villagers for the aspirations of the State for which he urged all to be “passionate people” and not to be passionate for anger or for revenge but to be passionate towards God’s will in one’s lives as a Christian in working together for a collective vision.

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