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NPP to increase its footprints in Nagaland, says Mutchu Mithi

From Left: Andrew Ahoto, Mutchu Mithi and Deo Nukhu at the press conference on Friday

NPP is with the NDA government but in States, the party has have its own identity, value system and ideology, says the leader from Arunachal Pradesh

By Imna Longchar, TFM Nagaland Correspondent

National People’s Party (NPP) General Secretary, and State President, NPP, Arunachal Pradesh, Mutchu Mithi, on Friday said that the party has increased its footprints in Nagaland which is going to poll next year.

Interacting with media persons at NPP Nagaland office, Thahekhu/Kevijau Colony, Dimapur, after an stoppage before leaving for the poll bound 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly to take stock of the ground structures and oversee the strategies, the 2nd time MLA and son of former Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Mukut Mithi, disclosed the party was setting the ground and preparing for the poll.

NPP’s presence in Nagaland: On NPP’s presence in Nagaland, Mithi said that though the party was new in the state, it had set up 22 candidates and won two seats in last assembly election and with renewed energy, he said the party was forging ahead in the next election hoping to get more “bigger footprints”.

Sharing that it was now the time to really look into its strategy especially in Nagaland as the state is not only very important for the party but for the whole northeast, Mithi said that the NPP has realized that the Naga people asserts their regional identity, are independent who loves their rich culture and also having an attachment with their land, and for which the party for the past four to five years have voiced that the regional identity of every states needs a common platform.

On regional party ruling Nagaland: Mithi said that for the past more than 20 years, the regional parties or forces (NPF/NDPP) have let their presence felt but he added that their presence was content to the State of Nagaland and believed that the aspiration of the people of Nagaland needed a bigger platform and hence the ambition of the NPP was to increase its “footprints” in the State.

On fielding number of candidates: NPP National general secretary said that whenever the party field any candidate for election, it keeps a comprehensive overall situation of the state in order help and assist the candidates during the election.

On plans of pre-poll alliance with any National or regional parties, Mithi reminded that though NPP is with the NDA government but in States, the party has have its own identity, value system and ideology.

When asked how different is the NPP from other political parties, Mithi said that the most important was the party taking up the challenges in repealing the draconian law- AFSPA in Nagaland, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh.

“We are fighting for PAN NE people, their aspirations and which are our agendas to take things forward which a single state cannot,” he said for which he was of the view that the party need the strength of other states too which according to him was NPP’s main agenda and goal.

Money culture during election: Disclosing that Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh are the two states in the northeast who spends maximum money during elections which according to him is known to all political parties and leaders, Mithi said until and unless the society has a transparent government including transparency in channelling of funds for the development of the social sectors only then the exercise of “money power” during the election could be lowered.

He also said that if NPP happens to form a government in Manipur, the party’s main aim would be to provide transparency even in Nagaland too.

On asked how different is NPP from other political parties, Mithi said that the people must realize that in the Indian political history, NPP is the only party from the Northeast to be recognized as a national party achieving the feat where the people from the northeast have shown vibe, optimism and value system to carry it forward which differentiate the party from other national or regional political parties.

“We relate to sub-nationalism, assertion of regional identity, caste, tribal identity, land and territory which makes us apart from other national parties”, he added.

Stating that other national parties when they frame a policy they have to frame it for overall country based on their main support, Mithi said that NPP’s main support base is focus on Northeast and for the benefits of its people.

Manipur Election: Mutchu Mithi said that earlier NPP was in coalition with the BJP in Manipur but now have decided that whatever the people of Manipur gives, the party has to respect the mandate given by  the people of Manipur in whatever structure including whether it is a hung assembly.

“Whatever the majority, we have to respect that and based on that we have to make our decision for better cause of the party and we are open to working with all likeminded parties to renew our structure,” Mithi added.

He further added that there would be no pre-poll alliance and the party would be fighting the election with its own identity and when the results are declared, the party would make a decision.

MLA Deo Nukhu: Three times and present MLA, Nagaland, and veteran politician representing the Chizami (Phek) constituency since 2013, who is now the NPP Nagaland State unit advisor, Deo Nukhu, who was also present in the press briefing supplemented that in the context of Nagaland which goes to poll early next year though in the last election, the party has set up 22 candidates but in the NLA election next year roughly a dozen candidates would be fielded for which he hope and expect that atleast six would be elected.

Stating that so far, the party haven’t discussed about alliance with any other party (s), however, Nukhu said whichever party comes majority, the NPP Nagaland would not mind having an alliance government.

Mentioning that at the moment in the northeast, there is BJP and NPP alliance government in Manipur (CM BJP and Deputy CM NPP), Nukhu said NPP is also an alliance with the BJP in Meghalaya and in Arunachal Pradesh, but unfortunately in Nagaland only 2 MLAs who were NPP elect but have merged with another party.

He hoped that in the next election, the party would perform much better.

Dr Andrew Ahoto: NPP Nagaland President, Dr Andrew Ahoto, who also spoke citing an example of the election scenario in Manipur said the next to the party (ruling BJP) fighting the ensuing election really strong with strong candidates was the NPP.

Terming that NPP was for “transformation and reformation”, Dr Ahoto said that NPP is for “pro-secular, pro-youth, and pro-development” where the party has grown from strength making it the only regional party to be become (recognized) as a “National Party”.

Stating that the party was for development, unity, one voice, and one northeast where it also support regional parties in the northeast, Dr Ahoto added that the dream of NPP was that all the 24 MPs of regional parties from the northeast would come together and form a cluster so that they could demand the rights for the aspiration and development of the northeast region.


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