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Ngahui village celebrates Luita Phanit, the seed sowing festival


The festival will wind up on January 31, 2021. Competitions of various traditional games and events are being organised during this Luita Phanit.

TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

MLA of 45-Chingai Assembly Constituency, Khashim Vashum on Wednesday attended the Ngahui Luita Phanit 2021 celebration as chief guest, while former member of  ADC-Ukhrul from 4 Nungbi DCC, Dickson Kamkara attended the celebration as guest of honour. 

Celebrated under the theme “Ngashan Hina Iwui Yur Theingasakra” (My culture will show my identity), the seed sowing festival of Ngahui village was also attended by former members of ADC Ukhrul, Paothing Vashum, Thanchipem Jagoi, Ngamsung Hashuwo, Themreishang A Shimray and 27 AR, post commander of Ngahui, major Saurav. 

Khashim Vashum wishes the congregation a prosperous and bountiful year. “Through our vibrant culture let us show our identity. Let us consistently observe and promote our rich culture even in the days to come. Let us live a colourful and vibrant life. May unity prevail in the Raphei area.” Khashim Vashum also cited the various festivals celebrated by different communities of Manipur and urged the gathering to value the sacredness and significance of the traditional seed sowing festival. 

Khashim Vashum inaugurated the stage constructed at the village playground. He also inspected the ongoing construction of the water reservoir tank at Ngahui. 

Khashim Vashum promised to extend financial assistance of Rs 1 Lakh for roofing of Ngahui Baptist Church. He also distributed water tanks (Sintex) and blankets to elders of the village. 

ADC member of 4 Nungbi DCC, Dickson Kamkara wishes the villagers a prosperous and bountiful harvest in 2021. He thanked the people of 4-Nungbi DCC for the trust and confidence they have placed on him and appealed the gathering for their continued support even in the coming days. 

Ngahui Headman, Somi Kasomwo and his wife invoked the blessings of the Creator for a prosperous year. As part of the ritual, the headman’s wife sowed various seeds that are to be planted in their field. This was followed by the headman declaring that the villagers can now tend to their field and prepare for seed sowing and plantation. 

The villagers demonstrated the old practice of Shimsak – the art and way of building a house. In the olden days, the whole community of the village were involved in building each other’s house. This included felling and carrying heavy logs from the jungle, the womenfolk distributing “Khor” (indigenous drink made from the rice) while the menfolk rested. The whole village community was involved in building the house from the beginning to the end. Meanwhile, the house owner would arrange host food and drinks, and at the completion, he would hold a feast for the whole village. In all this, singing folk songs was an important part of the event. 

One of the significance parts of the celebration was the participation of the whole community in chanting and walking within a circle of vines by holding the vines. From time immemorial, this vines are collected from the jungle and tied to form a huge circle. It is believed that whoever hold the vine and join in the chanting will have a prosperous and lucky year. After this, the vine is used for tug-of-war. 

The festival will wind up on January 31, 2021. Competitions of various traditional games and events are being organised during this Luita Phanit.

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