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NFSA rice controversy brewing in Wangkhei AC

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Some Fair Price Shops (FPS) agents have withdrawn NFSA rice from FCS Godown, Sangaiprou defying the Manipur high court’s standing order, alleged Md Amzad Khan and 27 other FPS agents

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Md Amzad Khan and 27 other Fair Price Shops (FPS) agents on that alleged that some FPS agents have withdrawn NFSA rice from FCS Godown, Sangaiprou defying the Manipur high court’s order.

Amzad Khan and his parties urged the concerned authorities to look into the matter as soon as possible and book all those responsible for defying and disregarding the court’s orders, maintaining that it was an offense of contempt of court.

In a release on Thursday, Amzad Khan and 27 other FPS agents said that while hearing the case of Golmei Lantalung & 27 others (petitioners) versus State of Manipur & 35 others (respondents), the High Court of Manipur under WP(C) No 422 of 2021 dated the 11 June, 2021, had directed the parties to “maintain status quo as on June 11”.

Amzad Khan maintained that the order can be interpreted that the subject matters of the FPS agencies of Wangkhel A/C is under dispute and therefore neither parties should be allowed (prohibited) to function as FPS agents to avoid future complications until decided by the High Court.

He also mentioned the order issued by Imphal East District DC Kh Diana Devi on Wednesday informing all the concerned that the NFSA Rice of Wangkhei Assembly Constituency shall not be distributed by the FPS Agents until further order.

Further, to avoid the lapse of NFSA rice, the District Supply Officer (CAF&PD) Imphal East shall make suitable arrangements for shifting the rice to suitable location and also arrange for distribution of rice to the beneficiaries in public interest, the order added.

However, Amzad Khan alleged that the NFSA rice allocation of shop numbers 265, 266, 267, 269, 270, 271, 272, 273, 274, and 275 of Ward Number 26, 15-Wangkhel AC had been withdrawn from the FCS Godown, Sangaiprou on June 22, 2021 by some FPS agents. 

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