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‘Nagaland can survive only when the people are united’ says Temjen Imna Along

Temjen Imna Along speaking at the LSU organized penalty shootout tournament at Dimapur

Temjen Imna Along said that it is now the time for the Nagas to “introspect and retrospect” on how to conduct oneself for the future for an inclusive dream and aspirations of the young Naga minds.

By Imna Longchar, TFM Nagaland Correspondent

Nagaland’s higher education and tribal affair minister, Temjen Imna Along, on Saturday said that Nagaland can survive only when the 17 tribes are united.
Addressing as the chief patron of Lirmen Student’s Union (LSU) organized “penalty shootout tournament” and hosted by Dimapur Lirmen Student’s Union (DLSU) at Dimapur Government College Ground, Along was also of the view that while “Nagaland has to change”, the people have to come together in order to ensure that “Nagaland aspires to be together” with the rest of the country and also the world.
Stating that the very meaning of life is lost when one cannot take the burden, criticism including philosophical criticisms, the minister shared that the there can be no sinister design either politically, socially and traditionally that breaks the Nagas as the “people of Nagaland” and added that one shouldn’t stand with those who tries to break the unity of the Nagas.
“In such an event which the LKM has hosted, I am happy to speak in front of not only the participating teams, but as a voice to our people that united we stand, divided we fall”, added Temjen Imna Along at the same time questioned why the Nagas are living dividedly while playing sinister politics of dividing while seeking aspirations which can never be made when being divided”, said Temjen Imna Along.
Also supplementing that the “aspirations” could only be achieved through unity which he termed it as the strength, the minister was of the opinion that though the day was not a right platform to talk about politics but noted in a lighter moment that without politics, there is no agenda which should be there not to to break or destroy each other but an agenda to bring development, empower people and to
bring about good governance in the Naga society.
Complimenting that the people of Japukong range villages, especially Lirmen village, nestled atop a hill, the students’ community with innovative minds, have not only prove themselves in building a “perception” but an assertive towards its goal in bringing the 20 teams together for the tournament.
Mentioning that today the people are living in a fast changing time era at a trajectory which is beyond comprehension, Along also said that it is now a time when the Nagas have to “introspect and retrospect” on how to conduct oneself for the future for an inclusive dream and aspirations of the young Naga minds.
While also encouraging the youngsters to be “daring” not in doing wrong things in wrong places and in wrong situations, the chief patron of the penalty shootout tournament later thrust upon every Naga individual that it was high time to inculcate in their hearts and minds to live together unitedly.
Earlier, the tournament started with an invocation by Dimapur Lirmen Tamang Telongjem (DLTT) president, Robert Longkumer, keynote address was delivered by convener, LKM planning committee, a special number was presented by Lulu Teilia, oath taking of the participating teams was initiated by LKM sports secretary, Aochuba Longchar, while the vote of thanks was proposed by LKM general secretary, Lipokienla Longkumer.

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