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Naga Students rally for permanent peace in Manipur

NSF rally in solidarity with people of Manipur for permanent peace in Manipur in front of the Raj Bhavan, Kohima.

NSF held a rally in solidarity with people of Manipur for permanent peace in the state. NSF demonstrated its resentment against the government of India for failing to end the cycle of violence and take up necessary steps to promote reconciliation.

By Imna Longchar, TFM Nagaland Correspondent

Voicing out with a slogan that read “Stop playing with politics” and demanding permanent peace in Manipur, a demonstration was held in Nagaland on November 9. It was organised by Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) under the aegis of the North East Students’ Organization (NESO).

Vice-president, Naga Student’s Federation (NSF), Mtseisuding, who was part of at the sit-in in front of the Raj Bhavan, Kohima, stated that all have been gathered to offer prayers in remembrance of neighbouring state, Manipur, where violence has already claimed countless lives causing immeasurable sufferings for the last six months. He said NSF and the NESO are calling for peace as well as demonstrate its resentment against the inadequacy of the government of India for failing to end the cycle of violence and take up necessary steps to promote reconciliation.

On this, Mtseisuding said the NSF believed that it is their moral responsibility to raise its voice against the conflict and to advocate “peaceful resolution” to “bloodshed and violence” so that humanity prevail across all socio-economic, political, and cultural spectrums in the entire Northeastern region.

He said the ongoing conflict has caused immeasurable pain and suffering, not only to those involved but also to the entire region. Many lives have been lost, homes destroyed, and the social fabric of the region torn apart, he said adding that the ongoing violence threatens to erode the peace and stability that should be the birth right of every citizen.

“It is disheartening to note that despite the pleas and cries for help from the affected communities, the Government of India has been disappointingly inactive in ceasing this violence. The Northeast Region has often felt neglected and marginalized in the broader context, and the lack of a swift and meaningful response to this crisis has only prolonged the ongoing violence”, the NSF vice-president said while calling upon all the stakeholders to prioritize “peace and dialogue” as the only way to “resolve” these crises.

Mtseisuding on behalf of the NSF also urged the conflicting communities to come together and to seek common ground for lasting peace in the region while also appealing to the government of India (GoI) to take immediate and concrete steps in intervening in to the matter thereby providing necessary support and resources to facilitate the peace talks and other peace building efforts.

Later, he reiterated that the NSF’s call for peace in Manipur resonates not only with the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) but with all those who yearn for a harmonious and prosperous future as all stands together, as citizens, and as responsible members of the society, to demand an immediate end to the violence and a genuine commitment to peace from all stakeholders.

The NSF vice-president further urged all to work together hand in hand in order to build a future for the children where they could grow up in a region of peace and prosperity at the sametime reminded that peace is not just the absence of differences but rather the presence of justice, equality, and respect for each other, with a hope and a vison that it is beyond one’s reach if everyone is determined and be united.

Secretary general, NESO, Mutsikhoyo Yhobu, delivering his solidarity message has demanded to the government of India (GoI) not play “politic over innocent’s lives” but to show sincerity on the ongoing violence in Manipur and to take necessary actions to stop all violence while adding that the “demonstration” is being held across the northeastern states in order to call for peace amongst the “conflicting groups”.

He later urged the prime minister of India to speak up on the same issue.

Coordinator, NESO, Ejanthung Ngullie, has urged for participation of all individual as neighbourhood to foster peace and work towards ushering peace in the state of Manipur, and also expressed his condolences for the loss of the countless lives.

Former NSF general secretary, Imtiyapang Imsong, in his address has appealed to all the concerned citizens across the northeast states to forge a “unified stand” and to voice the desire of the region for peace and normalcy in the state of Manipur and the entire northeastern region while stating that the region’s people would not remain silent until peace is brought in Manipur.

Also speaking was the former NSF president, Kegwayhun Tep, who expressed his concerned for the students whose career were affected by the conflict.

He further said that Naga people and Manipur would always remain neighbours, and therefore, lasting peace and normalcy is paramount to progress collectively in the region.

Earlier, the sit-in demonstration was chaired by NSF general secretary, Chumben Khuvung, started with an invocation prayer proposed by NSF secretary education, Temjentoshi, while the invocation was pronounced by NSF auditor general, Kawoka Awomi.

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