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Naga Hoho slams Nagaland BJP chief for ignoring existence of Naga nationhood


It denounced Along’s statement that “any solution that would come should be under the constitution of India”. However, it welcomed the formation of the Core Committee on Naga political Issue by the state government

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Naga Hoho on Saturday denounced the statement of Nagaland BJP president Temjenimna Along in a recent TV interview regarding the contentious Naga peace talks and its solution.

The June 10, 2021 interview of Nagaland BJP state unit president Temjenimna Along, with NorthEast Live TV Channel categorically stated that “we know that, any solution that would come should be under the constitution of India and it should be under the Indian union. So anything that is good for the Naga people under the constitution of India should be pursued and should be done with” totally negates the uniqueness of Naga Political history which is unacceptable to the Naga people, stated Naga Hoho in a release on Saturday.

Naga Hoho lashed out at the state BJP chief stating that he has “literally ignored the existence of Naga nationhood and her political rights” and further undermined thousands of precious lives who have fallen in the hands of “occupationist” and only exhibits his ignorance about his own identity. He further eroded the leaders of different Naga political groups both past and present and the Naga intellectuals as if they are all stooges.

“Why were there Armed Conflicts all over Naga areas? And why have there been Peace Talks for the last more than 23 years even after creation of statehood through 16 Point Agreement? Is it the Naga peoples’ struggle for more than 70 years to be under the Constitution of India?” it questioned.

While the Naga Hoho condemned and denounced the statement of Along, it welcomed the formation of the Core Committee on Naga Political Issue by the state government under the convenorship of the state chief minister, provided they are “committed to resolve Naga political problem with the best interest and sincerity”.

The Naga Hoho also exuded confidence that through the intervention of the Core Committee, it will be able to break the stalemate between the Government of India and political negotiators and to bring unity among different Naga Political Groups.

“It is our sincere belief that Naga society would be restored and see a new dawn once the sixty elected members convince the people in their respective constituencies to stand together as one people towards bringing Indo-Naga political problem to a logical conclusion,” it added.

The release further stated that despite commitments by successive Prime Ministers of India assuring for a long lasting political solution to the protracted Naga issue beyond past agreements, peace and tranquility seems to elude the Nagas till today due to various reasons from within and without.

“What stands witness today is some influential Naga leaders refusing to accept the realities of the Naga people’s political movement but harping to toe the line of the oppressors,” it added. 

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