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Mt Koubru imbroglio: COPPK refutes CM’s claim, shows agreement signed by ministers

File Photo: Committee on Protection and Preservation of Mt Koubru members during the press meet

COPPK chairman Thanglensei Kipgen stated that after the agreement, the ministers told them that the chief minister wanted to keep it confidential and urged them not to leak out in social media

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Refuting chief minister N Biren Singh’s claim that the state Government had no talks or agreement with any party on Koubru issue, the Committee on Protection and Preservation of Mt. Koubru (COPPK) produced the agreement allegedly signed with government representatives. It claimed that the signed deal was kept confidential on the request of the chief minister.

The Chief Minister had categorically denied the government signing any agreement with any group on Mt Koubru imbroglio. He had questioned why the government would sign any agreement on Mt Koubru which is in reserved forest area and does not belong to any group.

COPPK chairman Thanglensei Kipgen addressing journalists at KSO Sadar Hills Administrative office on Thursday said the agreement was signed by Water Resources and YAS Minister Letpao Haokip, Forest and Environment Minister Awangbou Newmai as the Government representatives and Thanglensei Kipgen, Chairman COPPK, Dr Lamtinthang Haokip, Secretary COPPK and Tongmang Haokip, Adviser COPPK as the representatives of COPPK, SAHILCA and CSOs of Kangpokpi district.

The COPPK chairman said that he himself was part of the talks with Ministers Letpao Haokip and Awangbou Newmai whom the chief minister entrusted them for the meeting on April 20 at the official quarter of Minister Letpao Haokip.

He claimed that the meeting was initiated by the government and the chief minister cannot deny while the agreement was inked with his approval and knowledge.

The COPPK chairman further claimed that while drafting the agreement it was first forwarded to the chief minister who suggested changes and after rectifying it was again forwarded to him and only after his approval the two Ministers had signed on the agreement followed by the committee representatives.

He also stated that after the agreement, the ministers told them that the chief minister wanted to keep it confidential and urged them not to leak out in social media. “We keep it as confidential till date but owing to the circumstances we are compel to bring out today to exhibit to the people of Manipur that an agreement was made between the state government and the COPPK,” he added.

Recalling the similar incident on Haraothel issue, the COPPK chairman pointed out that the agreement signed between the state government and the CSOs Kangpokpi at midnight was also declared as ‘fake agreement’ by the chief minister the next morning.

He questioned the legitimacy of the BJP government and its minister and wondered if the BJP-led coalition government is a ‘fake government’ and its ministers particularly ministers Letpao Haokip and Awangbou Newmai are ‘fake ministers’ in the state.

Questioning why chief minister N Biren Singh is always playing with the sentiments and emotions of the tribal people especially the Kukis, the COPPK chairman accused him of fooling the tribal populace especially Kangpokpi people by entrusting his ministers to represent the state government in a meeting and on the other hand he declare anything at his whims and fancy completely ignoring his ministers’ agreement with the other party’s representatives.

He also said that the attitude of the chief minister clearly exhibited that he is not the ‘People’s CM’ but only ‘one particular community CM’.

The COPPK also questioned the sincerity and authenticity of Letpao Haokip and Awangbou Newmai’s signatory in the agreement.’

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