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MSAD moves NCW against unsavoury FB group


The modus operandi of the group is that its members would upload photos of individuals and even group family photos of women and girls, without their consent, along with a derogatory caption that aims to invoke sexual fetishisation and sexual violence, said the student body seeking urgent action

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Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD) drew the attention of National Commission for Women (NCW) to a Facebook group circulating non-consented photos and passing on hateful and sexually derogatory comments towards various women hailing from Manipur.

It urged the NCW to take urgent investigation and actions in regards to the vulgar and contemptible Facebook group, “Kanglei emagi k****bi kh**ja*bi th*ja*bi nupising” and others.

 “The existence of the group has come to our knowledge through the diligent investigative work of the non-profit organisation Mingsel Foundation, who first exposed this unsavoury group to the public. As the name of the group suggests, it is in no way a civil association,” MSAD said in its memorandum addressed to the chairperson of NCW.

The memorandum, which was shared to Office of the National Human Rights Commission and the Office of the CM, government of Manipur stated that the said group has become a hub of vulgarity and hatefulness. The modus operandi of the group is that the members would upload photos of individuals and even group family photos of women and young girls, without their consent, along with a derogatory caption that aims to invoke sexual fetishisation and sexual violence.

In the comment section, the other members would take part in this obscenity without a modicum of respect or civil ethics. Their target victim knows no bound, ranging from innocent young girls to prominent personalities of Manipuri society, it added.

MSAD further stated that it has come to its knowledge that the group was first created on the 29th of January, 2021. Since then, the members of the group have grown at an unprecedented rate. At the time of writing the total member is at roughly 26,000; for perspective, it was around 4,000-5,000 in March. Numerous individuals have tried reporting the group on Facebook but no actions were forthcoming as Facebook maintains that the group didn’t violate Facebook’s Community Standards.

“We came to know that Film Forum Manipur has also filed an official complaint as various film actress of Manipuri cinema became a victim of the group. Complaints by individual victims were also filed,” said MSAD.

The memorandum also stated that Victoria Okram served a legal notice against the admin of this group. “However, unfortunately, to our knowledge, no substantial actions have been taken up. In some way, we feel that the issue is not being considered as of the highest importance. The admin and the members of the group continue to perform their deplorable actions freely, even with an attitude of defiance,” it added.

Further, MSAD said In fact, the group has grown in number and the frequency of the post has increased daily. We, as a student organisation, express utmost fear that the continued presence of this group will only corrupt the youths and further fuel the current climate of sexual harassment, abuse and violence.

“Although the existence and the growing numbers of such groups only prove the point that our society is still discriminatory towards women and continues to hold extremely prejudiced and abominable attitudes towards women. Such a group serves to normalise, justify and provide a gateway to other deplorable actions toward a group that constitute half of the population,” it added.

MSAD said, “We are not deluded into believing that shutting down a single Facebook group would alone solve the monumental problem that lay before us but it is of our better conscience that practical actions of small steps need to be taken up to reach the larger goal of equality.” Moreover, the continued existence of this group has caused distress to many and more, so as the victims of this group, it added.

“We believe that necessary actions taken up to restrict the group and providing justice to the victims will help in our larger struggle for gender equality and respectability,” said MSAD.

MSAD demanded to speed up the investigation against the said group and take up necessary actions against other groups operating on similar lines and permanently shut down the said group and other like ones.

It also demanded to take legal action against the admin and related members of the said group according to due process of law.

“It is obvious that the group is an unlawful one as it violates legal provisions relating to hate speech, sexual harassment, online harassment and others as mentioned in, but not limited to, the Indian Penal Code and the Information Technology Act. Additionally, the mentioned group is an affront to society and the social consciousness of the general public,” said MSAD.

The memorandum has attached a Google Drive link containing the necessary documents for NCW’s further examination

The memorandum was signed MSAD president Kshetrimayum Julia, vice president Somenanda Khangchrakpam, general secretary Rahin Phusamm, PR secretary Thouba Thokchom, cultural secretary Shaanba Arambam, org. secretary Patel Lairenjam, academic & megazine secretary Diana Khumukcham,  finance secretary Priyaluxmi Lairenjam and  games & sports secretary Sartaz Aziz.

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