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Massive rally held in support for ENPO’s ‘Frontier Nagaland’ demand


The public rally was an expression to show solidarity and unity for the democratic right of ENPO to demand a separate ‘Frontier Nagaland’ state for the people of Eastern Nagaland.

By Imna Longchar, TFM Nagaland Correspondent

Thousands of people came out openly as the Eastern People’s Organization (ENPO) initiated public rally was held on Tuesday in different areas within its jurisdiction. The public rally was organized in solidarity to the ENPO’s pressure for the creation “statehood demand” of a “Frontier Nagaland” comprising of Mon, Tuensang, Kiphire, Noklak, Shamator, and Longleng.

Similar public rally in solidarity to the ENPO’s state demand was held at Shamator town under the aegis of Yimkhiung Tribal Council (YTC) headquarter, which was chaired by YTC vice-president, R Kiuji, and invoked God’s Blessing by ES, YBBA, Dr SJ Akhum.
Short speeches were delivered by presidents of YTC, YWO, and YAA, Talk Team member, T Kekongchim, and ENPO vice-president, Z Throngshe.
in Mon town, the rally chaired by Konyak Union (KU) president, Y Chingwang Wangsa, started with an invocation by KBBB executive secretary, Rev Chemyuh Konyak, KU president, Tingthok Konyak, president KNSK, Ponglem Konyak, KSU vice-president, Yuwang, and ENPO former president, Khoiwang Konyak, spoke in the programme.
Solidarity speeches were delivered by ENPO vice-president, L Nyeiang Konyak, and ENSF president, Chingmak Chang. Update on ENPO statehood’s demand was readout by Talk Team Member, W Wangyuh Konyak, while the solidarity message was said by ENPO president, Tsapiku Sangtam.
Tuensang town has also witnessed mammoth gatherings, where the programme organized under the aegis of Chang Khulei Setshang (CKS) was chaired by its vice-president, N Sipong Chang.
With E/S CBLT, Rev Achu invoking God’s Blessings, welcome address was delivered by CKS president, Nungsanglemba, while the solidarity messages on behalf of Tuensang public, and students/youths, were shared by vice-president, USLP, Aliba Sangtam, and CWS president, C Pongsu.
Update on ENPO demand was proposed by ENPO, vice-president, W Bendang Chang, solidarity message was shared by ENWO president, A Shamtei Phom, while Talk Team Convenor, K Asungba Sangtam, gave a speech.

In Noklak town, the programme held under the banner of Khiamniungan Tribal Council (KTC) at the traffic Island, saw CEC, ENPO, A Ngon, chairing the programme with an invocation by ES, KBCA, Hempao. Short speeches were delivered by vice-president, KTC, KMH president, KSU president, Talk Team Member, P Pongom, and ENPO vice-president, Pamo NS Lam.

Kiphere town also witnessed the conglomeration of residents turning out in numbers at the public rally in solidarity to the ENPO state demand. Organized by the United Sangtam Likhiim Piimji, Kiphire, at Delux Point, Kihpire, the programme was chaired by USLP vice-president, Kipitong, invocation was pronounced by KTBL senior pastor, Chopongkyu, USLP president, T Seopi Sangtam, welcomed the gatherings. Short speeches were delivered by AST president, Apila, USSC president, Samuel, and USLP representative
to ENPO, James, while on behalf of the public, head GB, Kiphire Town, spoke.

Talk Team Member, W Lemba Chang, also spoke in the programme. Longleng district also saw hundreds of the residents gathering at the local ground to show solidarity to the ENPO’s statehood demand. Apart from others, it also saw the attendance of the village council members, leaders and students. Talk Team Member, ENPO, YB Angam, gave a detail on the historical records of the Eastern areas and sought for their support and cooperation.

General secretary, ENPO, C Manlang Phom, highlighted about the progress of work with the ‘Indian government” and requested for prayers and support from the gathering.

PPC vice-president, Chempang, read out the public resolution of the meeting where one of the points mentioned about the assurance of the then BJP National president, Nitin Gadkari, who had committed during the 2014 Lok Sabha election that if the BJP comes to power, the party would “carve” out a separate state of “Frontier Nagaland”, and for which a memorandum then submitted after the rally to the deputy commissioner, Longleng.

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