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Leikot area protestors demand action against BJYM members


The protestors alleged that BJYM members were engaging in “unlawful activities” by injuring a person with bullets on September 16 at around 4:30 pm at K Orphanage village. The person is said to be a drug-peddler.

By Kangpokpi Representative

Hundreds of enraged protestors from Leikot area in Kangpokpi District demanded stringent action against persons said to be members of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) Manipur for allegedly injuring a person with bullet.

Holding a sit-in at Damdei Taloulong on Tuesday, September 20, the protestors said that BJYM was engaging in “unlawful activities” upon a person whom they allegedly injured with a bullet on September 16 at around 4:30 pm at K. Orphanage village. The person is said to be a drug-peddler.

The protestors also demanded an apology and cleaning of the village areas as per the Kuki customary law. According to the Kuki customary law, anyone who sheds blood must apologize by performing ‘Toltheh’ (cleaning of the village or area).

According to Lhingneikim Kipgen, on September 16 afternoon at around 4:30 pm, alleged BJYM executives stopped my son Mangminsei Kipgen at Kanglatongbi Orphan near War Cemetery and shot him twice in his left leg accusing him of carrying some contraband tablets.

The mother of Mangminsei Kipgen said that her son is in police custody in Gamnom Saparmeina Police Station with a bullet injury, also alleged that the BJYM executives came in three vehicles and committed the act. However, she said that the BJYM had on September 17 reported in the news that “my son was also carrying a small arm (pistol) as well which is totally false and baseless but purely a sinister plan of the BJYM”.

“Militants, drug peddlers, etc. are nabbed and put behind bars by the authority concerned but they are not harmed in such a way that my son was injured by the BJYM”, Mangminsei’s mother alleged.

Leikot Area Youth Organization President, Mangjangam Kipgen, who is also a member of the anti-drugs campaign in Leikot area said that everyone can be a source of information on the War on Drugs but all are not authorized to take law into their own hands. “BJYM must apologize according to the customary law at the earliest”, he added.

Chungson, chief of K. Orphanage said that “firing in a place where many destitute innocent children are residing is totally unacceptable and the culprits must tender an apology as per the customary law since the incident occurred within the jurisdiction of my village”.

Mangsat Kipgen, Chief of Leikot said, “I can accept and also endorse police and other authorities concerned nabbing and putting behind the bar any drug peddlers from my village but I cannot accept injuring and shedding the blood of my villagers whether they are good or bad by any unauthorized agencies”.

The enraged protesters held banners and placards which read, “Sit-in Protest against BJYM unlawful activities”, “Sit-in-Protest against the failure of state police to nab gun toting BJYM activists”, “Stop gun culture, gun is not the solution”, “we are not against war on drugs, we are against gun culture”, “Is BJYM above the law?”, “BJYM-arm wing of Government agencies”,  etc.

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