Manipur poll: Former bureaucrat Sword Vashum to join fray on Congress ticket

By FrontierManipur | Published On 18th Nov, 2021, 07:34 GMT+0530

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Sword Vashum (second from right) at the Blessing Ceremony

“Politics controlled and self-centric leaders are the results in mortgaging the future of the upcoming generations to destiny in pain and in shame,” stated Sword Vashum, intending Congress candidates from 45-Chingai Assembly Constituency during his blessing ceremony at Talui village. 

TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

More than 700 guests and local villagers attended the blessing ceremony of Retd. IAAS officer Sword Vashum, intending MLA candidates from 45-Chingai Assembly Constituency on Thursday.  

Rev. Mingyao Zimik, pastor of Talui Baptist Church gave the blessing. While his brother Dr. Nelson Vashum introduced Sword Vashum as a family man and an IAAS retired officer.

Talui village chief Shangreikhai Shangjam appealed to the neighbouring villages to fully support Sword Vashum for a better future and to enjoy what is rightfully ours which are kept depressed for long. 

In his exhortation speech, Sword Vashum said that his aim is to work for the people, for a better future by choosing a right leader in a right platform to produce a positive and transformative future. “Politically controlled and self-centric leaders are to blame for mortgaging the future of the upcoming generations to destiny in pain and in shame,” he added.

He stated further, “How and where have we positioned ourselves today more than 45 years since Manipur attained statehood? We have always had representatives going into the parliament and the legislature. But ask! What have been the results? Nothing exists on the ground only to prove conclusively zero level efficiency and credibility of our political leadership.” 

Basing strongly on the ignored rights that is Article 371C, he further continued, “Our democratic exercise is reduced to open field for blatant display of money and muscle power. The only way to wriggle ourselves out of this never ending shameful and painful vicious circle is to ensure the coming assembly election by involving ourselves in ensuring Art 371 C.”

“Sword Vashum is a man of integrity and God fearing. He is someone whom we can entrust to our future” stated one of his supporters who attended the blessing programme.

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