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JCCV warns of hunger strike if Nagaland govt fails to resolve issues related to bifurcation of Dimapur district


JCCV has also appealed to the Nagaland government to protect the rights and aspirations of the minority and avoid arbitrary fragmentation of the minorities against their wishes

By Imna Longchar, TFM Nagaland Corespondent

Joint Coordination Committee of Villages (JCCV) for Dimapur district comprising 41 villages has threatened to call for  hunger strike if the state government fails to reconsider its notification and resolve the issue pertaining to bifurcation of Dimapur district.

In an open letter to the state chief minister, JCCV has expressed displeasure over what it termed as “autocratic reorganising of villages” into new district without their consent while also urging the Nagaland  government to safeguard the rights and aspirations of the people of the 41 villages to remain within Dimapur district.

In a press release issued jointly by its convenor, Lughozhe K Swu, co-convenor, Tsithrongse Sangtam, and secretary, Devendra Rana, has reminded the representations submitted to the state government by Aqahuto Tokukujo Kukami Kuqhakulu (ATKK) through the Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur, November 22 last year.

The Sema-Dimasa Union on December 16, 2021, in regard to the bifurcation of Dimapur district and memorandum to the chief minister on December 22, 2021, by the conglomeration of 41 villages on December 20, 2021, have mentioned that they have unequivocally stated to remain with Dimapur district.

Pointing out that hasty decision of the government to create a new district without formality for broad consultation among the stakeholders and opportunity to express their mutual interest or iron out their differences remained questionable, JCCV also questioned the arbitrary decision of the government at the behest of a certain section of people, while keeping half the population in the dark. The committee said it was not only undemocratic but tantamount to fomenting misunderstanding among the Naga family.

It further added that that such injustice was divisive and contrary to the message of unity espoused by the state government when pointing out that Dimapur district was one special place in Nagaland where all the tribes of Nagaland including the minority communities have learnt to live together in harmony and cherish it as home. JCCV further added that such a spirit of “bonhomie” should be promoted.

Meanwhile, the JCCV has also appealed to the Nagaland government to protect the rights and aspirations of the minority and avoid arbitrary fragmentation of the minorities against their wishes and welfare saying that it was less used threads that adds colour and makes the Naga shawl beautiful.

It mentioned that to keep away the Dimasas elsewhere from Dimapur district would be equivalent to deprivation of their identity right and threat to their aspiration for meaningful existence as part and parcel of Naga community. Likewise, it stated that the Gorkhas, who are another prominent minority group within the Naga community, and a few villages established by fellow Eastern Nagas formed an integral part of Dimapur district.

It later urged the government to respect their rights and aspirations and carefully safeguarded from further marginalisation.

JCCV also pointed out that Dhansiripar sub-division has long standing unresolved “district boundary issue” which has intermittently resulted in ugly showdown and bloodshed among fellow Naga brethren,

JCCV further stated that formation of new district and amalgamation of Dhansiripar sub-division, without solving the problem at hand, would be premature and opening another Pandora’s box. It therefore, implored upon the government to reconsider its notification and resolve the issue at the earliest.

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